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The main advantages of pure electric vehicles are that the electricity bill is cheap and the cost of car maintenance is low. For users with a small radius of daily activities, such as home travel and commuting to get off work, the advantages are obvious. Similarly, for the urban population with limited numbers and licenses It's also a good choice. Catering to the trend of modern electric vehicles, JWHEEL also has a variety of new wheels matching it. Among them, the 19-24 inch fashionable one-piece or two-piece forged wheels and this slender and dynamic body further highlight its elegant movement.

July 20, 2022

I have driven a pure electric car for 6 years, and now I have a second one. I want to complain. Pure electric cars have 4 major advantages and 5 major disadvantages. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of motor and fuel vehicles, you will not regret buying a new energy vehicle.

I am a car enthusiast, and I have always driven a fuel car. After 2013, new energy vehicles became popular. At that time, pure electric vehicles gave us the impression of saving money. The main consideration was to put it at home, commute to get off work, grocery shopping, and travel in the city. , I bought the BAIC EV160 after many comparisons. It may be new at the beginning. I really think pure electric vehicles are very fragrant, but after driving for more than 2 years, it has become a grocery shopping car. The original imagination is beautiful, but the reality is cruel.


Injury 1: Fear of cold in winter, heat of summer, and fear of running at high speed

At that time, the official rated battery life was 160 kilometers, but in fact, the average battery life could only reach 120-140 kilometers.

That is to say, the mileage of one-way driving cannot exceed 50 kilometers, or even 40 kilometers. From the north of the city to the Fourth Ring Road in the south of the city, the mileage exceeds 40 kilometers. Therefore, the rear of this car becomes a grocery shopping cart.

In recent years, the cruising range of pure electric vehicles has been getting higher and higher. Last year, I saw the pure electric vehicles that started with the official cruising range of 580 kilometers. The average cruising range is still 20% off, and the actual cruising range can only be estimated at about 500 kilometers.

After a high-speed run, the shortcomings of pure electric vehicles are vividly reflected.

During the holidays, I drove a pure electric car back to my hometown for the first time. The one-way trip was more than 230 kilometers. According to the total mileage, it was no problem to go back and forth. When I took a pure electric car, I calculated the distance and only let them experience 20 kilometers. It was sad to say that I thought I was stingy and didn't want to drive it for them.

During the whole holidays, I didn't drive it, but I borrowed a car to go out to play, just worried that the electricity would not be enough. After the New Year, before I set off, I checked that the battery life was 265 kilometers, and 230 kilometers would definitely be no problem. In winter, it is minus zero. Four or five degrees, it's too cold, so I can only turn on the air conditioner all the way. When the battery life is only 80 kilometers, every few minutes, we need to check the remaining battery life, and quickly check the charging piles in the high-speed service area on the APP.


The nearest service area is still 40 kilometers away. At this time, I only dared to run to about 100 yards, and the air conditioner did not dare to turn on for a while. I finally got to the service area, but when I arrived at the service area, I was dumbfounded. There were a total of 4 charging piles. Two of them were broken, and the other two charging piles had four or five people waiting to be charged.

There is no way, there is still nearly 80 kilometers from the destination, and I will definitely not be able to drive. I have to wait for charging. After waiting for nearly 3 hours, it is finally my turn. This charging is too easy. It takes more than 3 hours to drive, and it took more than 7 hours to drive a pure electric car this time.


Many car owners have said that the actual battery life of pure electric vehicles is completely understood by running a high-speed trip in winter. It is true. For pure electric vehicles, the official rated battery life is the average driving range measured at a constant speed of 60km/h. However, at high speed, the starting point is 60 yards. The faster the speed of pure electric vehicles, the higher the power consumption, especially when running to more than 120 yards, the energy consumption is almost twice that of more than 90 yards.

Because of this, when running long distances, I occasionally see that the speed of pure electric vehicles is very slow. Generally, it is kept around 100 yards. This speed is much lower than the energy consumption of 120 yards. It is not that pure electric vehicles are used. The car can't run fast, in order to save power, it can't run too fast.


Similarly, in winter, especially when the outdoor temperature is below zero, the power storage performance of lithium batteries will be affected by low temperature, which will also lead to a small discharge current. In addition, when driving at high speed, the power consumption itself is large, which aggravates the loss of energy consumption. , resulting in a rapid decline in the cruising range. The original cruising range of about 580 kilometers, with air conditioning + high-speed driving + low temperature, in such an environment, the cruising range may only be more than 450 kilometers.

Second, is the battery warranty a real benefit or a fake routine?

At present, the mainstream pure electric vehicles on the market use ternary lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries. The ternary lithium batteries have high energy density and can provide a large voltage such as 3.8V. The larger the specific capacity, the longer the battery life. At the same time, the low temperature performance is relatively good, so its cost is high, and the safety performance is average.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

The main advantage is that the number of cycles of charging and discharging is much higher than that of ternary lithium batteries, that is, its life is longer than that of ternary lithium batteries, which can reach about 8-10 years. In addition, lithium iron phosphate batteries have more stable performance and lower cost. That is, its safety performance is worse than that of ternary lithium batteries, but its cruising range is not as good as that of ternary lithium batteries.

The price of lithium carbonate in these two battery markets is very expensive. In addition to the labor cost, a conservative estimate is about 1000-1300 yuan per unit of electricity. Assuming that the total capacity of a car battery pack is 70kwh, that is to say, change it once The battery needs about 70,000 to 90,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 2/5 of the price of a new car. If the owner needs to pay for it, the battery cost is indeed not low. It is estimated that not many car owners are willing to change the battery.

Although many pure electric vehicle manufacturers have launched free battery warranty services, they are uneven. The 8-year or 160,000-km warranty is mainly for battery cell maintenance, not direct battery replacement.

To know the power system of a pure electric vehicle, in addition to the battery cell, there are also the drive motor and the vehicle controller. Generally, it is not enough to only maintain the battery cell. It also needs to maintain the controller and other components, which means that you still need to pay at your own expense. It is even more difficult to change the battery unconditionally, and various conditions need to be met, which is a bit like the feeling of an empty check.

At present, the first batch of pure electric vehicles were basically purchased around 2014. It is still less than 8 years ago. After 8 years, various battery problems may be exposed in a concentrated manner. Therefore, about the battery life of pure electric vehicles and replacement and maintenance The issue has been controversial.

Mishap 3: The charging supporting settings are not perfect, and the charging experience is too sad.

Daily charging is mainly done by self-installed charging piles and external public charging piles. It is also a headache to install charging piles. At present, there are no relevant regulations for new energy vehicle charging facilities, which makes it difficult to install charging piles. First of all, it must be The property right parking space can be equipped with charging piles.

Because the parking spaces in many communities are far away from the main power supply, there may be safety factors, and the property does not allow them to be installed, so the charging pile is a more troublesome matter. Of course, you can also charge at the public charging pile outside, but the public charging pile The number is limited, and there are many places where charging needs to run five or six kilometers away, which is not only troublesome but also a waste of time.

Many charging piles lack maintenance or are not maintained in time, which often leads to failure to charge. For example, in high-speed service areas with high traffic flow, the original number of charging piles is relatively small. If it is a holiday, it is normal to wait in line for charging. You know, fuel vehicles It takes 5 minutes to fill up a tank of oil. Even if a pure electric vehicle is fast-charged, some batteries with a larger capacity will take more than 40 minutes.



Injury 4: The preservation rate is too low

My first BAIC EV160 has been driven for nearly 4 years, with a total mileage of nearly 30,000 kilometers. It only sold for 19,000. You must know that the official price of this car is more than 170,000. It is just that it enjoys policy subsidies. The actual landing is also in the early 100,000. The retention rate is less than 30%.

In fact, for new energy vehicles, due to the relatively low market ownership at present, there is no relatively complete evaluation standard in the used car market, coupled with the problem of battery life of pure electric vehicles.

The battery warranty is mainly for the first car owner. Others buy it back and cannot enjoy the free warranty service. The domestic brand effect is low. Unlike Tesla, a combination of various factors, the low value preservation rate is inevitable.

Injury five: save "fuel" but not money

Although pure electric vehicles are not driven by internal combustion engines, their most expensive components are batteries, together with motors and electronic control systems, which account for nearly 80% of the cost of the entire vehicle. There are many technological elements and a high premium.

For example, BYD Qin Pro, with the same configuration, the price of pure electric vehicles is around 160,000, while the price of fuel vehicles is only about 90,000, which is equivalent to saying that pure electric vehicles are nearly 70,000 more expensive than fuel vehicles. With this 70,000 gasoline, you can run about 120,000 to 30,000 kilometers.

Charging is cheap, but the price of the car is high. As soon as you compare the two, you will know that it does not save money. Of course, fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles are two models with different power after all.

Pure electric car owner: I have driven a pure electric car and never want to drive a fuel car again

Although pure electric vehicles have many shortcomings, I have to admit that their advantages are also very obvious. Many car owners have this feeling. After driving pure electric vehicles, they never want to drive fuel vehicles anymore. In fact, this is how I am. Car owners, although the battery life of the first pure electric car is too tasteless, but in addition to the flaw of battery life, other advantages are really fragrant.


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