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Let’s start with the conclusion, yes, but there are currently fewer options in this category. Whether it is an electric vehicle or a fuel vehicle, whether the pursuit of speed or comfort, JWHEEL can manufacture high-quality wheels that match it. 

October 11, 2022

If you like the handling feel of a fuel car, but also want the smooth and fast power of an electric car, is there a best-of-both-world solution? Let’s start with the conclusion, yes, but there are currently fewer options in this category.


1. What exactly is the control of a fuel vehicle?

"Handling" is a higher demand than basic needs such as "commuting", and generally appears as a premium configuration for ordinary brand performance cars or BBA luxury brands.

This is actually very easy to understand. Nowadays, the division of automobile products is usually divided into three levels: ordinary brands, luxury brands, and luxury brands. Each level has its own "performance car model". In terms of power, handling, fun or More or less leapfrogged, but in terms of comfort, technology, luxury and other configurations, it has returned to its original shape.

For example, common brands include performance models such as BRZ/GR86, MX5, Fox RS, and Golf R. Among them, small sports cars basically cannot balance comfort, and the control is also realized by light weight, which cannot provide a “leapfrog” experience in terms of power.

The BRZ/GR86 in the early years lacked the big wide tires of the rear-drive car. Although it was easier to drift, the tires were also the first modified products to achieve faster speed.

Wide body, turbo, and wide tires are the eternal topics of BRZ

Cars such as Focus RS and Golf R share the appearance and interior design with ordinary RVs, and work hard on power train and chassis adjustment. Correspondingly, the price has also risen to the range of entry-level luxury brands. If you want to take into account power, comfort and handling, the price goes straight to the million-level BBA performance car.

So in a fuel car, there are only a few things that determine "handling":

1. Power-train

"Anytime you call, you can step on it" is the basic requirement, either high-speed naturally aspirated, or twin-turbocharged, and the last transmission must be ZF8 or manual transmission, and up is wet dual-clutch or PDK, up Not capped.

2. Chassis adjustment

BRZ and MX5 are the most typical cases. Constrained by cost, the power-train can be saved if it can be saved, and the lightweight to the extreme, coupled with the ultra-high sense of participation of the manual transmission, makes this type of product unanimously praised by players around the world. The other extreme is Porsche, whether it is the EA888 of the Volkswagen Group or its own horizontally opposed engine, as long as it arrives in a Porsche car, with the chassis and four-wheel steering technology tuned by Porsche, it is as small as a 718 and a Cayenne. A car is flexible like a small steel cannon.

2. Control is "innate design"

Platform architecture is the biggest factor in determining the orientation of a car's design.

Taking BMW as an example, the front-wheel drive uses the UKL platform, focusing on reducing costs and thresholds, making money, and driving is not important. The rear-wheel-drive platform CLAR has all the housekeeping skills and essence in it, covering everything from family cars to M series.

Porsche is the same. "Money-making models" such as the Cayenne and Macan were born on the MLBevo platform of the Volkswagen Group. At most, they can adjust the chassis and PDK below, but they also make them much easier to drive than models on the same platform. The sporty sedan and sports car were born on the MSB rear-wheel drive platform (Panamera) and the MMB platform (718, 911). The sports-focused electric car Taycan was born on the J1 platform, not on the MEB, PPE and other family car platforms.


The commonality of many sports cars (body rigidity, drive form, center of gravity layout, etc.) lays the foundation at the beginning of the platform design. The mixed tire width with narrow front and rear width will only appear on the J1 and MMB platforms that specialize in sports, while the MEB platform is only suitable for the tire width of the four wheels and the family car with the main drive mode.

The top performance cars in recent years have a formula: mixed tire width + four-wheel steering = super track car.

The first time I experienced the power of rear-wheel steering was when I drove an AMG GT-R in Melbourne to watch F1 in Australia in 2018.

Melbourne is also a typical old city, retaining a large number of tram routes, resulting in a unique "hook turn" in the world for U-turns. Usually I drive a compact car in Melbourne to cross the intersection with two steering wheels, but the AMG GT-R only needs one to pass.


Recently, when I drove the 992 Turbo S, I felt the stability of fueling in high-speed corners. In the past, various cheap V8 models were often driven, and the terrifying torque was released on the narrow tire width and directly entered the skating mode.

But the 800N·m of the 992 is not wasted on the Cup 2 tires of 255/35 in the front and 315/30 in the rear, and it is all converted into grip, just like a high-speed train running on a track.

Control is also inseparable from heat dissipation and braking.

More than 80% of the track is a variety of BMW M and Porsche, for no other reason, that is, the heat dissipation is good. The heat dissipation of the car is like the endurance of a man. Anyone can sprint when they come up, but the real joy will take time to verify.

Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature not only affect tire grip, but also affect intake and exhaust efficiency, braking efficiency, etc. Therefore, the more excellent the performance of a car, the richer the aerodynamic kit of its body. 

Finally, "Rookies look at parameters, experts look at brakes."

No matter how strong the power of a car is, there is no downforce, no grip, and no braking force. In the end, it will either take off in place or hit a mountain and a tree. A few years ago, the belief in the modification circle was Brembo. In recent years, British AP, Japan's Endless and other brands have also become the objects of respect in the modification circle, including major mainstream evaluation agencies. In addition to testing 0-100 acceleration, they also began to focus on braking distance propaganda.

3. There are also models that focus on control in the electric field

a. IM L7

Comments: At the 400,000 level, you can buy the top formula of hybrid tire width + four-wheel steering worth 3 million yuan. Thanks to electrification, the power threshold is lowered. The power of the 400V platform surpasses that of fuel vehicles of the same level. It is also the only electric vehicle I will consider buying. car.

At present, apart from the Taycan, the only sports platform architecture product in the electric field, its iO platform, like Porsche's J1 platform, is inherently designed for mixed tire widths and four-wheel steering. The rear wheel steering of the L7 can reach 12 degrees in both directions (standard, not a brand's subscription system)

Originally equipped with Pirelli P Zero and Brembo four-piston calipers, a horizontal battery was used to reduce thickness for a lower center of gravity. The interior adopts the cooling scheme of straight waterfall oil cooling + 8-layer Hair-pin flat wire motor, which is 46% higher than the traditional water cooling effect.

L7 is a rare F1 technology decentralized product on the market. In 2026, the new F1 power regulations also came out, and the MGU-H was cut off, because the cost of this technology was too high and the contribution to the civilian field was too low, which limited the willingness of manufacturers to participate. And Zhiji found Williams to adjust the chassis, which is a real release of the cutting-edge technology on the field to the civilian field.

Low center of gravity, wide tire ratio, large heat dissipation, four-wheel steering, and sporty chassis tuning, aren't these keywords just for handling?

 b. ZEEKR 001

Picking up one, I immediately took a lap on the Weifang track, and really experienced what is called "Li Da Fei Brick".

Here are a few comments from Li Fang: "In terms of the weight of the 2-ton car, this chassis is considered a flexible car on the track. There is no slack in the face of continuous corners. The original Akebono brakes feel softer. The air suspension is also a relatively soft configuration, but it has contributed a good grip, and finally ran in Weifang in 57 seconds, which is very unexpected."

ZEEKR 001 now feels like Audi's RS station wagon. Its hunting suit is also set for the "poetry and distance" lifestyle, not necessarily the fastest one, but "handsome" is a good idea of death.

c. NIO ET7

 Objectively speaking, the comprehensive product strength of ET7 is really good. As the first model of LiDAR, as well as the luxury image of technology created by NIO in recent years, combined with strong service capabilities, it has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

But, after all, ET7 is not a product developed with sports as the keynote. The above two, compared with BBA fuel vehicles of the same level, have the advantages of control, and all the configurations of the ET7 are aimed at the creation of comfort and luxury quality. This car is more suitable for quiet in the urban traffic flow. Shuttle, not to feel the passion of driving.

Whether it is an electric vehicle or a fuel vehicle, whether the pursuit of speed or comfort, JWHEEL can manufacture high-quality wheels that match it. Jwheel is a professional manufacturer with a history of 30 years, and have become the suppliers of many international wheel brands, providing both ODM and OEM services to them, so we have sufficient experience to produce a variety of wheels. And it has tremendous ability on aluminum alloy wheel design and provides one-stop services from design to production. As a professional alloy wheels manufacturer, JWHEEL help you to shuttle quietly in the city, or feel the speed and passion on the mountain road.



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