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When you decide to buy a new car, it’s important to get one that’s suitable for yourself, because it will not only affect your driving experience, but also represent your taste and characteristic. If it’s your first car, and you have no idea what to choose, this passage will help you.

September 29, 2022

This passage will introduce the features and ranking of SUV and MPV.


Mini SUV


1st level: 1. Toyota CH-R 2. Toyota Izoa

These two are actually the same. The comments about their appearance polarize. And they have only two disadvantages: 1. The rear windows are too small because of design, making the back space of the car oppressive. 2. It is too expensive. The price of them is enough for buying a Chevrolet Equinox, which is a medium-sized SUV. Except for these two, they nearly have no drawbacks. If you don’t mind these two disadvantages, you can buy it.


2nd level: 1. Skoda Kamiq 2. Honda XR-V 3. Honda VEZEL 4. Nissan KIcks


3rd level: 1. Chevrolet Trax 2. Jeep Renegade 3. Citroen C3-XR 4. Kia KX3

In the above two levels, the Honda series and Kia KX3 are the most worthy of buying.

Compact SUV


1st level: 1. Ford Escape 2. Toyota RAV4 3. Cadillac XT4 4. BMW X1  6. Acura CDX

Ford Escape was also No. 1 at this level, which is a competitive car in many aspects.

Though not that popular, Toyota RAV4 is an unexpected winner, which is equal to Wildlander, common but stable, and suitable for conservative buyers.

Cadillac XT4 comes from behind and even surpass BMW X1. It’s not expensive but with small inner space. If you don’t care about the space, XT4 is a good choice, which is at a lower price.BMW X1 as a famous home-used car, is really worthy of buying, with its space enlarged. We suggest you to pick the version of four cylinder. Acura CDX is also a good car except that it cost much for maintenance.

2nd level: 1. Subaru Forester 2. Honda Breeze 3. Peugeot 4008 4. Skoda Karoq 5. Mazda CX5 6. Kia KX5 7. Honda CRV 8. Volkswagen Tharu 9. Audi Q3 10. Mazda CX4 11. Mitsubishi Outlander 12. Volkswagen T-ROC  13. Mercedes-benz GLA 14. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 15. Mitsubishi ASX 16. Ford Territory 17. Jetta VS5 18. Nissan X-Trail 19. Borgward BX5 20. Nissan Qashqai

Though not famous, Subaru Forester is recommend by many people. If you like this brand, just pick it.Mitsubishi Outlander is the most cost-efficient Japanese car at this level, with high price effectiveness and balanced performance. If you want a stable-quality Japanese car but do not have enough money for a CRV, just buy this one.Jetta VS5 is equipped with Aisin gearbox, Volkswagen chassis and Volkswagen engine, which are all high cost-efficient accessories. What’s more, its price is pretty low, though the inner decoration and safety is not good enough.Both Mazda CX4 and CX5 are also good enough except that they have too small space.


3rd level: 1. Ford Kuga 2. Jeep Compass 3. Hyundai Tucson

If you want to buy Jeep Compass, please pick the four-wheel-drive 9AT version.



Mid-size SUV


1st level: 1. BMW X3 2. Toyota Highlander 3. Subaru Outback 4. Peugeot 5008 5. Audi Q5L 6. Lexus NX

At this level, BMW X3 is the best, being good in all aspects except the small space. Highlander is even better after the TNGA system is released. 


2nd level: 1. Jeep Commander. 2. The Ford Roadbreaker. 3. Volvo XC60. 4. Mercedes-benz GLC. 5. Honda Avancier 6. Nissan Terra 7. Borgward BX7 8. Nissan Murano 9. Skoda Kodiaq 10. Chevrolet Equinox 11. Cadillac XT5 12. Volkswagen Tayron 13. Honda URV 14. Ford Edge 15. Volkswagen Tiguan L 16. Infiniti QX50

Among these cars, Honda Avancier has the largest inner space. Chevrolet can be regarded as the kind of high-cost-performance mid-size SUV, which needs only US$20,000. Volve XC60 and Borgward BX7 are also excellent with its safety and quality.


3rd level: 1. Buick Envision  2. Jeep Cherokee  3. Hyundai Santafe

Full-size SUV

1st level: Lexus RX

2nd level Volkswagen Teramont

Only two cars are recommended for full-size SUV. Though the two cars are at different levels, they are level pegging, both have different irreplaceable advantages.


1st level: Honda Odissey

2nd level: 1. Volkswagen Touran  2. Honda Elysion  3. Buick GL8  4. Buick GL6

About Korean cars, Korean cars actually durability, quality stability, ranks  only second to the Japanese cars, which is very strong, but Korean cars  are not very popular among the buyers. But if you want to buy a car with " stable quality", while the budget is not enough on Japanese, the Korean car is actually a very good compromise choice, although Korean cars are almost at the bottom in the list, new products like Hyundai New Elantra KIA ALL NEW K5 are really worth of buying, just buy them without concern.

In terms of durability, Toyota is better than Honda, because the characteristics of the Toyota is very common, it is stable firstly and Honda are relatively more radical, corolla and civic both at the same level car for example, has been particularly strong, so the whole Honda impulse is more suitable for younger consumers, Toyota is relatively more suitable for mature buyers.

In fact, Volkswagen is generally stronger than Japan in the advanced degree of materials, including the process is better than Japan, some rigorous. For example, the anti-roll bar of the chassis, the thickness of material for German cars is thicker than that of Japanese cars, but it is easier to be broken than that of Japanese cars, so the durability of it is not as good as that of the Japanese car.

The three current brands of BBA are from the quality of the BMW faithful is the most worth buying, if like to bba, first consider the BMW, followed by audi, north is to sell label and interiors, other ways to tell the truth really is too bad, if you really is like a big rush the label and interiors, suggest you buy imported Benz, north toward really can avoid to avoid as far as possible, Especially for the car fault tolerance rate is relatively low crowd, of course, if you are rich and capricious, fault tolerance rate is high, then just buy it.

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