Introduction to the processing and production methods of wheel hubs


The hub is a cylindrical metal part that supports the axle in the center of the tire. In other words, the hub is the part of the shaft installed in the center of the wheel, which is the part that connects the brake disc. The important part of the wheel disc and half shaft. At present, most of the wheels are made of aluminum alloy, which is relatively light in weight and high in strength.

According to the manufacturing method, the hub can be divided into casting and forging. Casting is divided into gravity casting and low-pressure casting, and forging is divided into atmospheric piece forged wheels and multi-piece forged wheels. Casting Let's start with gravity casting.

Gravity casting is the process of pouring liquid alloy into a mold and cooling it. The manufacturing process of gravity casting is relatively simple, the mold is durable, and the cost is low. However, compared with other manufacturing methods, the quality of the wheel hub of gravity casting is relatively poor, the molecular pores in the metal are large, and the strength is insufficient.

In addition, low-pressure casting, low-pressure casting is that the liquid alloy with less pressure enters the casting mold, so that the molecules are evenly distributed and the sand holes are less. It can not only improve the strength of the hub, but also enrich the style of the hub. The low-pressure casting process is completed by machinery, and the casting molding rate is high, which is suitable for mass production.

At present, cast aluminum alloy wheels sold by major manufacturers are basically produced by low-pressure casting. Blacksmithing After casting, let's talk about blacksmithing. There are two types of forging: one-piece forging and multi-piece forging.

A one-piece hub means the entire hub is one piece. Forging can be divided into two processes: die forging and milling forging. Die forging has also become form forging, which means that after forging pressure, the shape of the hub has been basically formed.

Milling and forging refers to the purchase of ready-made forged wheel hub blanks, and then milling the shape of the wheel hub through the CNC machining center. The one-piece hub is light in weight, has good dynamic balance and good reliability, but the hub style is relatively single. Multi-piece forging includes two-piece forging and three-piece forging.

The front hub is made up of the rim. The spokes are made up of two parts; the latter hub is made up of the front piece; the rear piece. The spoke is made up of three parts. The multi-piece forged wheel has relatively rich styles, but it is heavier and its dynamic balance is not as good as that of the one-piece forged wheel.

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