Brief introduction to the bearing function of automobile hub


The axial sliding of the inner ring of the automobile wheel hub unit bearing is easy to occur. At present, a large number of screw fixing and locking structures are used. Some automobile wheel hub unit bearing flange necks are locked by threads. The nut locking method is relatively difficult, and there are locking problems. Some cars The wheel bearing unit uses a variety of methods of nylon self-locking and auxiliary locking pins, but this makes the structure complex and difficult to assemble. Provided is an automobile hub bearing unit locked by locking screws, which solves the problem that the inner ring of the existing automobile hub bearing unit is difficult to lock and is easy to slide axially. The hub bearing unit includes a bearing and a flange. There is a step on the flange neck, and the bearing sleeve is close to the surface of the flange outer ring and the step at the end of the bearing inner ring. There is an internal thread on the center hole of the flange, and a locking screw on the internal thread. The internal thread is connected to the locking screw. The thread fits, and the end of the locking screw is close to the inner ring of the bearing.

The central thread of the inner ring of the bearing is used to compress the anti-loosening thread of the inner ring of the bearing. The anti-loosening screw can effectively prevent the loosening of the thread structure and make the inner ring of the bearing loose, thereby improving the service life of the hub bearing and preventing axial pre-tightening. loose effect. Tags: car hub.

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