Are bigger wheels better?


​​hub+ The upgrade of tires is considered a cosmetic item in car tuning. Wide wheels and wide flat tires seem to have become a trend; some cars also use so-called explosive tortoise wheels (negative wheels), which concave the middle and expand the outer edge; some vehicles will replace the exaggerated big cake wheels, but in operation is likely to feel ineffective. There's no denying that it looks prettier with big wheels.

In addition, wide enough tires are also said to improve the vehicle's handling and power.

However, most vehicles suffer from power loss and poor handling after the upgrade, as well as damage to the body. Some vehicles have upgraded the original 17-18 inch wheels to 19-20 inches, which looks very tight.

However, before the replacement, it is recommended to call the weight of the original car as the upgraded wheel, and match the total weight of the tire, it can be said that the weight of the upgraded tire will increase a lot. The heavier the wheel weight, the greater the rolling resistance. The power from the engine must drive the wheels through the gearbox and drivetrain.

The change of the wheel from static to dynamic needs to overcome the weight of the wheel before overcoming other driving resistances; the weight will directly affect the rotational inertia of the wheel, which will directly affect the performance of the vehicle. Even wheels of the same weight will have different rotational inertias under the premise of different shapes.

Since the mass of the hub is concentrated in the middle position and the rear wheel is located at the edge position, the inertial rotation of one hub will be smaller than that of the rear wheel; during the rotation process, the inertial rotation of the rear wheel will be larger, which will be to a certain extent on performance and control.

therefore,Modified WheelsIt's not as simple as looking at the size. Size, design and mass distribution will affect performance. In addition, blindly upgrading the wheels will inevitably affect the control of the vehicle as the increase in wheel mass changes the bounce of the wheels.

When the car is driving on undulating roads, it will first compress the elastic element, and then when driving on flat roads, it will rely on the spring itself to support it again; the role of the shock absorber is to control the frequency of the spring bounce, and according to its own The resistance of the spring interacts with the force of the spring.

The compression degree of the spring and shock absorber should be calculated and tested, which must be related to the quality of the wheel; after adding a wheel, the weight of the wheel will increase, and the frequency of the wheel rebound will be greater. So with the addition of wheel hubs, the vehicle may handle worse, the steering isn't accurate enough, and the body stance may get really weird, but it looks better statically.

Isn't it worth the loss.

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