Wheel damage should be repaired in time


In fact, at first glance, a lot of people really think I'm scaring him, so is this really scaring you? In fact, after all, this is the age of the Internet, where you can find everything in the virtual world of the Internet. In fact,hubScratches really suggest that we repair them in time, otherwise it's their own regret. Below I will give you a summary and analysis of some of the wheel damage you often encounter.

1. Scratching the surface of the hub.

Scratches on the hub surface can be common. After all, the hub is on the road, and it gets scratched accidentally when you stop and back into the warehouse; or the road is bad and there are too many small stones on the road.

Also, go too fast and small stones jump up and scratch the surface of the hub. The surface of the hub is normal; if the surface of the hub is not badly scratched, you can ignore it. However, if the surface is scratched deeply, it is recommended that you repair it in time.

Because when the wheel leaves the factory, there will be a protective varnish on the surface to protect the aluminum alloy material of the wheel from oxidation. If the surface of the wheel hub is severely scratched, the protective paint will definitely be wiped off, which will cause the oxygen in the air and the oxidation of the aluminum alloy material. If the surface of the hub is oxidized, the surface will turn yellow, the surface paint will peel off, and if the aluminum alloy material of the hub will be seriously damaged, the hub will be discarded.

2. Notches, scratches on the edge of the hub.

The edge of the hub is scratched, and the reason for the notch injury is almost the same as the reason for the scratch on the surface of the upper hub. The same small scratches might be better.

If there is a chip or serious scratch, it is recommended to repair it in time; if the edge of the hub is severely scratched, if the surface is not varnished, it will cause the edge of the hub to corrode. If the situation is serious, it will cause the hub and tire combination to be loose, causing the hub to leak slowly; of course, the gap in the edge of the hub tire will also cause the hub and tire combination to be loose, causing the hub to leak slowly. So you can't run at long range high speed, which is a security risk.

3. The surface of the hub is corroded.

Many would say that if the hub gets scratched, the surface will corrode. How could it corrode if it wasn't scratched.

In fact, wheel corrosion is also related to wheel surface processes. Generally speaking, water-plated wheels are likely to be corroded. It still corrodes from the inside.

If it's not serious, you can't see the surface. For example, some cars, such as GMC, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Escalade and others, will feature water-plated wheels. After a long time, you will find that the corrosion of the wheel hub can be seen from the inside as well as from the outside.

In severe cases, the surface plating may peel off. In order to prolong the service life of the wheel hub, it is recommended for large parts. If the water-plated wheel is corroded, it is recommended to replace the wheel process in time. The water-plating process of the wheel will pollute the air, so the wheel water-coating process is not allowed now. You can replace vacuum plating or other wheel surface processes.

4. The hub is deformed and cracked.

Let's talk about hub deformation: hub deformation is divided into internal deformation, external deformation and hub spoke deformation. (By the way, let's talk knowledge: the gravity of the hub is on the hub spokes.

As long as the spokes of the hub are not deformed and broken, it will not affect the safety of the entire hub) The deformation and cracking of the hub edge should be corrected and repaired in time to avoid potential safety hazards (now the hub deformation repair is repaired by a professional shaping machine instead of Change the molecular structure of the aluminum alloy of the hub, so most car owners can repair it with confidence); however, if the spokes of the hub are deformed and cracked, do not hesitate to buy the hub again. Deformation of the hub edge is basically caused by speed bumps or too much speed in bad road conditions. Therefore, the driver is reminded to control the speed in time when driving.

Look at the cracking of the wheel: the reason for the cracking of the wheel: A using a run-flat tire: because the sidewall of the run-flat tire is relatively hard and the cushioning force is relatively weak, when the tire is strongly impacted, the tire force will be directly transferred to the wheel. It is easy to cause cracking; the sidewall of the explosion-proof wheel for B is relatively hard and the buffer force is relatively weak. Similarly, when the tire is impacted by external force, the external force will also be transferred to the wheel hub, thereby causing cracking. Therefore, at this time, we warmly remind drivers and friends that you must pay attention to driving through pits, and slow down when the speed bump or road conditions are not good.

Therefore, whether the hub is deformed or cracked, it is basically caused by artificial pitting caused by no deceleration.

We should try to avoid too fast, and slow down when encountering a pit.

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