What problems should be avoided when the wheel hub is modified?


During high-speed driving, the shape of the tire will change to a certain extent, because the edge of the wheel hub will bend when driving at high speed, and the impact force generated by passing obstacles will directly cut the tire, thereby reducing the risk of wheel forming. However, in order to reduce tire cutting, pay attention to the following points: Pay attention to the hub. When choosing a lightweight hub, attention should be paid to the edge of the hub, whether it is blunt or thin.

If you don't pay attention, choose a relatively thin but not polished blunt wheel, and the wheel orthopedic staff will remind you to pay special attention to passing obstacles and high-speed turns. Which tires should we pay attention to? While paying attention to the hub, we should also pay attention to how to deal with these situations. For ordinary tires, there is no protective measure, that is to say, when we encounter problems caused by modified wheels, the tires cannot bear it.

For some well-known tire manufacturers or modified tire manufacturers, there are corresponding handling methods. There are raised racks on the tire-to-tyre contact edge to prevent friction, but its effectiveness remains to be verified. When replacing the wheel hub, if you do not choose a matching tire, the tire edge will be supported to the left and right sides when inflated, which can effectively make the rear wheel edge contact with the tire.

At this point, however, a new problem arose. When the tire edge support is larger and inflated, the tire will flatten and the vibrating tripod will become larger, causing the frame to deform. In this case, the solution is very simple.

When replacing the rim, try to choose a tire with a blunt rim, and then match the rim when selecting the tire, and pay attention to whether there is an anti-friction rack at the contact point between the tire and the rim.

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