What are the advantages of car rim upgrade


A wheel (also called a steel rim, a car rim) is a rotating component that bears load between the tire and the axle, usually consisting of a rim and spokes. Now the analysis of wheel strength design is mostly based on empirical analogy and software analysis. Wang Xiaofeng et al. analyzed the structural strength of automobile wheels based on dynamic bending fatigue experiments and using finite element software; researchers proposed based on the data of bending fatigue tests and software analysis. Prediction method of wheel life; researchers make appropriate improvements to Smith's formula, and then predict wheel life based on experiments and software. The above literature is the analysis of various aspects of automobile wheels by different scholars, mainly based on software and experiments.

At present, the analysis and research on the lightweight of the wheel are mostly based on the analysis and calculation of the spokes, and the analysis and research on the lightweight of the wheel are carried out from the direction of the rim. The finite element analysis software ANSYS Workbench is used to carry out finite element modeling on the whole wheel including the loading shaft flange and bolts, calculate the fatigue life of the wheel through loading, obtain the stress and strain distribution diagram of the wheel, and predict the fatigue life of the wheel. By changing the thickness of the rim by 1mm, the weight of a single wheel will be reduced by 0.83kg, and the weight of each car (4 claws) will be reduced by 3.32kg. The weight of the wheel is reduced, and the optimized design is reliable and reasonable.

Under the condition of ensuring the strength performance of the wheel, the purpose of reducing the weight of the wheel is realized.

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