Automobile hubs explain the main advantages of steel hubs


Steel ring and tire 1. Tire surface refers to the part of the tire surface that is in contact with the ground. In order to prevent slipping and heat dissipation, there are many patterns on the tire surface. 2. Tubeless tire The tire is not equipped with an inner tube and the tire itself has an inner tube structure, and the air is filled in the tire. It has been widely used at present to replace the wheel with an inner tube. 3. The inner tube is made of high-quality rubber, filled with air to support the weight of the vehicle, and fitted inside the outer tire. At present, it is seldom used in cars, but it is still commonly used in large passenger and truck vehicles.

4. Tire size The tire size is printed on the tire sidewall, and there are two ways to express it, such as 34*7 or 7.50-20. The former is a high pressure tire and the latter is a low pressure tire. There are also many marks, such as D for light cars, F for medium cars, G for standard cars, H, L, and J for large luxury and high-performance cars.

If an R is printed on the sidewall, such as 175R13, it means that the tire is a diameter tire, with a width and length of 175mm (6.9 inches). More about car steel rims. The main advantage of steel wheels is that the manufacturing process is simple (casting process is generally used, such as aluminum alloy wheels are generally produced by low-pressure casting process), the cost is relatively low, and the ability to resist metal fatigue is very strong, which is what we commonly call cheap and cheap. solid. However, the disadvantages of steel wheels are also relatively prominent, namely, ugly appearance (it can be said that there is no appearance at all), heavy weight (same wheel steel material is much heavier than aluminum alloy material), large inertial resistance, and poor heat dissipation. And it is very easy to rust.

Alloy wheels can just make up for such problems. Light weight, small inertial resistance, high manufacturing precision, small deformation during high-speed rotation, and small inertial resistance are conducive to improving the straight-line driving performance of the car and reducing tire rolling resistance. Reduced fuel consumption. The thermal conductivity of the alloy material is about three times that of steel, and the heat dissipation is good. It can play a certain role in the heat attenuation of the vehicle's braking system, tires and braking system.

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