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Land Rover, with the history of more than a century, still excels among the high-end vehicles with its outstanding strength nowadays. It has put out a variety of types of off-roads vehicles, which can be cataloged to three series: Land Rover Range Rover, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Freelancer and Land Rover Discovery. Land Rover Discovery can be regard as a low-key but strong product.

April 27, 2022


The first generation of Land Rover Discovery was born in the late 1980s. At that time, Land Rover had gained wide recognition and a good consumer base with its Defender series and Range Rover series. However, with the rise of Japanese vehicle manufacturers, Japanese cars like the Toyota series and the Mitsubishi Pajero gradually gained the recognition of customers, and immediately occupied the market of mid-size SUV, which is though lacking in the Range Rover series. Therefore, Land Rover started the Project Jay to develop a new SUV, aiming at this new market.

In 1989, Land Rover released the first generation of Discovery, which had only three doors. Then in the next year, it released the five-door Discovery. The Discovery was designed based on the chassis and the power system of Range Rover. Though the in-car configuration of Discovery was not luxurious as Range Rover, it had all the functions. More importantly, its price was just half of the price of Range Rover, thus it was welcomed by the customers after it came out. 

The back of the second-generation Discovery was obviously lengthened, which increased the space of the boot, but limited the off-road performance. And the departure angle of the second generation was also obviously smaller than that of the first generation.

The second generation of Discovery still used the power system of the first generation. In 2003, Land Rover Company released the Discovery 2, which was powered up by the 4.6L V8 engine from the Range Rover. 

The Discovery 3 was formally released in 2004. The appearance of the Discovery 3 was totally different from the previous two generation, but its front was similar to the Range Rover series, together with its large body, making it look more powerful.

The most remarkable improvement on the Discovery 3 was the Integrated Body Frame, which guaranteed the solidity of the car body and meanwhile let it comfortable to sit inside.

Besides, Land Rover equipped the Discovery 3 with height-adjustable fully independent air suspension system, which was also applied to the Range Rover 3. The brand new body frame and suspension system improved the comfort of the Discovery 3 without affection to its off-road performance.



  In addition, the Discovery 3 was equipped with patented Terrain Response System, with which the driver could choose the driving mode according to the road situation. The terrain Response System is able to automatically choose the best settings which include the height of the driver’s seat, the torque response of the engine, downhill control, electronic traction control, transmission setting, etc. basing on the road situation. This system brings good off-road performance to the Discovery 3. Besides, there were two optional gasoline engine for Discovery 3, one was the 4.0L V6 engine from Ford with the max wattage of 216 Hp, the other was the 4.4L V8 engine from Jaguar with the max wattage of 300 Hp.

In 2009, Land Rover released the Discovery 4, of which the shape doesn’t change a lot compared to the last generation but the front side is a brand-new design, which looks the same as that of Range Rover. The engine of the Discovery 4 is 3.0 TDV6 HSE diesel engine, of which the third-generation common rail direct injection system, together with the main and subordinate turbocharger, produce the max power of 180kw/400rpm, and provide the peak torque of 600Nm, making it possible for the Discovery 4 to accelerate to 100km/h in 4 to 7.9 seconds. And there are two optional engines for the Discovery 4: 4.0 L V6 and 5.0 L V8. 5.0L V8 is a normally aspirated engine to which the the technology of direct injection, variable valve, VIS are applied. The maximum power of the 5.0L V8 is 372 Hp, and the maximum torque is 510Nm.


  As for the accessories, there are multiple options. Wheels are the most important accessories as they can let your car move more stably meanwhile make your car looks more fancy. For the Discovery 4, Land Rover offers 5 wheel options. These five wheels are in different styles and all attractive. But if you want more options of which the styles are more special, you can try seeking the original wheel manufacturers, which usually offers even more favorable prices. What’s more, you can also customize the wheels as exactly what you like. Jwheel is one of the aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers.

Jwheel, as an professional wheel manufacturer, concentrates in R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels, including casting wheels, forging wheels and flow-form wheels. The products of it have passed the certifications of SEI、SEMA,VIA, JWL, JWL-T, TUV and so on. Since establishment, Jwheel has been developing steadily, with rich experience of designing and producing aluminum alloy wheels. It has earned the appreciation of both domestic market and foreign market with its high technology, good quality and customer service. It provided OEM service to many international brands like Vossen, OE Wheel, TSW, Rays, ProLine, Oxygen, AUTEC, etc., and it also provide ODM service, that is, for producing a new wheel, you can just provide a sketch, drawing or picture, and then Jwheel will finish the rest parts. By the way, the MOQ of forging wheels is four. (For more information, just go to the website:


 TYPE:Land Rover DISCOVERY 2.0 2017 ,H0005, SIZE: 24X10 , PCD: 5X120, C.B: 72.5, ET: 40


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