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On march, there was another boom in the sales of the NEV ( new energy vehicle) in China.

April 23, 2022


The sales data from CPCA show that the sales of the top-selling BYD cars has exceeded 100,000 on March, which is 334% more than last year.


The sales of Tesla China was 65,754, increased by 85.3% compared to last year.

What’s even more deserve our concern is that in the mid-size sedan market on March, the best seller is neither the Camry and Accord, nor the Magten and Passat, but the Tesla Model 3.

What’s more, the best seller of SUV in the Chinese market on March is also Tesla, the Model Y.


The data from Chekuaiping indicates that the total sales of mid-size sedan in China on March is 205,000, 15.5% less than last year.

Relative speaking, the mid-size sedan also have the least-drop sales among the sedans.

In the pass, when we mentioned mid-size sedan, those good-selling cars like Camry, Accord, Magotan and Passant would come into our mind immediately.

Regarding the insurance purchasing amount of the mid-size sedans in China in 2021, we can see that Camry is the best seller among the domestic mid-size sedans, with the sales being 210,000. 


Camry is closely followed by Honda Accord, with the total sales in 2021 approaching 200,000.

The annual insurance amount of Tesla Model 3 was only 151,000, far behind  that of Camry and Accord, even a few behind BMW Series 3 and TEANA.

The sales of BWM Series 3 in 2021 was 171,000, while TEANA was 162,000.

Regarding the sales in the first two months of this year, the sales of Camry was 39,178,34% more than last year, and Accord 36,723, 26% more than last year.

Surprisingly, when it came to March, the sales of Tesla Model 3 skyrocketed to 26,024, having increased by 2.8% than last year, and became the best seller among the mid-size sedans in China.

The sales of Camry in March was 22,518, ranked No. 2 among the mid-size sedans.

Honda Accord ranked No. 3, with 14,855 sold in March.

The sales of Volkswagen’s Magten and the Passat were both around 10 thousand in March.

  Then let’s have a look at the sales situation of SUV.

Tesla Model Y beat the star SUV products of the original brands like Haval H6, Changan CS75 and BYD Song, and become the top seller in March.

Compared to the same period last year, the sales of Tesla Model Y increased by 291.4%.

As Tesla Model Y obtained such a high sales in March, it became the best seller among the domestic SUVs in the first season of this year. 74,681 cars were sold, the year-on-year growth being 354.8%.

That is, the sales of Tesla Model Y rose to nearly 40,000 within only one month, as in the previous two months, its sales was less than 35,000.

In the first season of this year, the top three sellers among the domestic SUV were Model Y, BYD Song and Haval 6, with the sales being respectively 74,681, 73,704 and 71,411.

Besides, according to the sales data in the same period of last year, the sales of Haval H6 was 11,1000, BYD Song 32,407 and Tesla Model Y 16,422.


While Haval H6 and Changan CS75 were competing for the top seller of SUV, no one expected that Tesla Model Y, which had been put into the market for just one year, would replace them and become the top seller of domestic SUV.


Do these indicate that the age of petrol vehicle has passed?


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