Introduction to the production process of aluminum alloy wheels


With the development of society, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation for people to travel.hubAs an important part of a car, its quality not only affects the appearance of the car, but also affects the safety of the car.Aluminum alloy wheelsBecause of its advantages of light weight, high strength, good braking balance, high precision, good thermal conductivity, and low fuel consumption.

The aluminum alloy wheel hub casting process includes the following steps: melting the aluminum alloy material to obtain molten aluminum, adjusting the temperature of the molten aluminum to 730-760°C, adding aluminum, titanium and boron for refining treatment, discharging the molten aluminum from the furnace, and degassing with high-purity nitrogen , and then transferred to the holding furnace of the low-pressure casting machine, the holding temperature is 680-700°C.

Pressurize the aluminum liquid, enter the riser pipe to lift the liquid and fill the mold cavity, and then maintain the pressure. During the pressure maintaining period, the temperature of the die mouth is controlled at 490-520°C, and the temperature of the small ring of the mold (that is, the PCD position) is 475-500°C , the maintenance time is 280-300s.

Open the mold, take out the casting, perform solution treatment and incomplete artificial aging heat treatment, that is, the casting is automatically rolled into the heat treatment solution furnace, heated to 540±5°C, holding time 4.5h-6h, soaked in water for 25s, and the water temperature is controlled at 80 ±5°C, and then pass through a heat treatment aging furnace, the aging temperature is 160±5°C, and the holding time is 2.5h. After aging treatment, the automobile wheel casting is cooled to room temperature, stay at room temperature for 8h, and then transfer to coating after processing.


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