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1. The size of the wheel is actually the diameter of the wheel. We often hear people talk about 15" and 16" wheels, where 15" and 16" refers to the size (diameter) of the wheel.

2. The width of the wheel, commonly known as the J-value, has a direct impact on the choice of tyre. If tyres of the same size have different J-values, the flatness and width of the chosen tyre will be different.

3. PCD and hole position, the professional name for PCD is pitch circle diameter and refers to the diameter between the fixing bolts in the centre of the wheel. The holes in the wheel are generally mostly 5 bolts and 4 bolts, but the distance between the bolts varies. the PCD is one of the most important parameters when choosing a wheel. For safety and stability, it is best to choose the same wheel as the original for the upgrade.

4. wheel offset, in English Offset, commonly known as et value, is the distance between the bolt fixing surface of the wheel and the geometric centre line (centre line of the wheel cross section). Generally speaking, it refers to whether the wheel shrinks inwards or protrudes outwards after modification. For normal cars the ET value is positive, but for a few vehicles and some Jeeps it is negative.

5. The wheel centre hole, the centre hole is the part used to fix the connection to the vehicle, which is the position of the wheel centre and the concentric circle of the wheel. The diameter size here affects whether we can install the wheel to ensure that the wheel rim geometry centre can match the wheel geometry centre. Although wheel shifters can convert the bore spacing, this modification is risky and should be tried with caution.


GuangChuan is a global leading manufacturer of alloy wheels. The experience is the best protection for our customer. GuangChuan was established in 1992. After 28 years of development, it becomes a stable supplier of many famous wheel brands worldwide. The capcity goes 1.5 million piece of wheels per year. GuangChuanprovides one-stop service starting from customizing R&D services, according to your drawings and samples to meet your special requirements, especially with our Flow Formed, automated coating line, helium leak detector system and automatic dynamic balance checking system. Customer care is our top priority job to provide all customers' satisfaction and trust what we work for. We believe that superior customer satisfaction comes from superior product quality.
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