What is the purpose of the reducer ring, a must for wheel modifications?? | JWHEEL

How many of you know what a centre ring/reducer does? Do some of you who are new to modifying wheels still don't know what it is? JWHEEL is here to introduce this possible accessory.

March 07, 2023
What is the purpose of the reducer ring, a must for wheel modifications?? | JWHEEL

Many car enthusiasts overlook it! What is the purpose of the reducer ring, a must for wheel modifications?

How many of you know what a centre ring/reducer does? Do some of you who are new to modifying wheels still don't know what it is? JWHEEL is here to introduce this possible accessory.


01. The role of wheel reducers

The reducer ring can be called a centre ring or centre ring, and is used to position and fix the wheel so that the centre of the wheel coincides with the centre of the axle head.

The degree of integration of the hub with the axle is directly related to the safety of the vehicle. It is not safe to rely on just a few screws to fix the hub to the body of the vehicle. The role of the lug nut screws is to hold the wheel and body in place, while it is the perfect combination of the wheel reducer and the axle head section that bears the weight of the body.

As the centre hole of many modified wheels is larger than the original car, some enthusiasts forget or do not add the centre ring after the modification of the wheel, resulting in serious shaking of the body at high speeds (this should be checked in time to see if the lack of a reducer ring causes a gap between the wheel hub and the axle). This is because without the reducer, the weight of the body is supported by the screws and nuts, which can lead to deformation of the screws over a long period of time and pose a major safety hazard.

02. Are there any adverse effects of adding wheel reducers?

On the issue of adding wheel reducers, many car enthusiasts think that it is not safe to add reducers to modified wheels, and that the centre hole size can only be the same as the original axle size, which is actually a wrong understanding.

Adding a reducer is the same as adding a spacer to a wheel. As long as the size and dimensions are appropriate and the quality of the reducer or spacer is fine, there will be no adverse effects on driving safety. For example, if the original car is 67.1mm and the modified wheel is 73.1mm, you need to add a 73.1mm to 67.1mm reducer. If the wrong size is used, the reducer will not fit or the body will shake at high speed.

03. Play with modifications to choose big brand wheels

It is best to choose genuine big brand wheels, quality is guaranteed, and you should know about them before you buy them to avoid trouble.


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1.Q: Do you support OEM/ODM ?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM is ok, the size, color ,ET,J, PCD ,all can be customized.

2.Q: Why choose us?

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3.Q: Where’s your factory ?

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