How to refurbish and repair the steel rim of the car?


Step 1: Detect whether the wheel hub is deformed, bouncing up and down, and shaking from side to side Step 2: Reshaping and filling the gap Use aluminum alloy welding technology to fill the gap, completely solving the problem that the general wheel hub refurbishment is not fixed with putty Disadvantages (if there is no gap and no deformation, this step is not necessary) Step 3: Paint stripping treatment Corrosion and aging paint is removed, which is different from the usual wheel hub refurbishment, directly working and polishing or not stripping the paint, which may cause the wheel hub to lose skin and become unstable in the later stage shortcoming. Step 4: Polishing and grinding the original wheel surface is relatively rough, ② the screw holes and door holes of the wheel hub are uneven, ③ the wheel chassis, using polishing and grinding technology to completely achieve the surface smoothness of the wheel hub and the perfection of the details of the wheel hub, completely solving the general wheel hub refurbishment Defects such as uneven appearance and hub details such as peeling screw holes. The fifth step: cleaning and soaking five steps to clean the wheel hub, the wheel hub renovation starts from the source, and guarantees the flawless standard of the repaired wheel hub.

Step 6: Spray mustard paint. The wheels are sprayed with powder and melted at high temperature. The bottom adopts powder spraying technology, which solves the defects of poor hardness and poor adhesion of the wheels caused by the use of paint as a primer by general wheel refurbishment manufacturers. More about car steel rims.

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