Aluminum Alloy Wheel Gravity Casting Method and Process


aluminum alloyhubThe gravity casting method directly heats the central riser and the hot section to prolong the feeding time of the central riser to the hot section. feed channel between.

The hub maintains a continuous temperature field from the central standpipe to the intersection of the rib and the wheel net, and can continue to shrink to 70 degrees. The thermal connection area has an impact on the temperature of the T-shaped section, but it is not obvious. The divergent hub has a large thermal section , there is a lot of heat, causing the heat to be concentrated in the hot joint area. Due to the difficulty in heat dissipation at the stripping part of the upper mold, the temperature is high, so that the hot joint is close to the stripping part of the upper mold, and the center is exposed to the feeding port where the thermal seam stops when it is exposed for 40 seconds. , at this time there is still a huge heat seam area in the heat seam, which will inevitably lead to shrinkage.

The good casting performance of the hub is due to the very good solidification sequence of the hub from the center riser to the T-piece during the solidification process, while the divergent hub is due to the intermediate compensation during the solidification process.

The premature cooling of the constriction channel quickly stops the feeding of the hot spot area, and due to the existence of a large hot spot, the crystallization time of the T-shaped piece is delayed, thereby affecting the feeding of the T-shaped piece from top to bottom.


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