Why choose aluminum wheel spinning technology?


Aluminum alloy wheels Why choose spinning technology? The editor will take you to understand the power of the spinning process. If you don't have an intuitive understanding of spinning technology, you can imagine pottery forming during pottery production: a ball of clay is continuously deformed in the hands of the potter on a high-speed spinning throwing machine. The principle of spinning is actually the same as this ancient craft, except that the former is used on metal and the latter on clay.

Due to its excellent processing characteristics, spinning technology has always been an indispensable process in high-tech fields such as military and aerospace. Now with the advancement of science and technology, spinning technology is also playing an increasingly important role in other areas of manufacturing. spinning technology Spinning forming technology is to use the feed movement of tools such as runners to press the metal cylindrical billet, slab or preform onto the mandrel of the spinning machine, and the main shaft drives the mandrel and the blank for spinning.

Spin and spin at the same time. The pressure roller squeezes the material on the rotating mandrel from the side of the blank, so that the material is continuously plastically deformed point by point, so as to obtain hollow busbar parts of various busbar shapes. Schematic diagram of spinning forming principle As a new technology in plastic processing, powerful spinning has obvious advantages in the production of thin-walled high-precision rotary parts: (1) The strength and hardness of the material after spinning are increased by about 35% to 45% compared with the base metal, so the spinning technology can effectively reduce the design wall thickness and weight of the part, and its fatigue performance can also be significantly improved; (2) Spinning is partial continuous processing, the instantaneous deformation area is small, the total deformation force required is small, the processing equipment requirements are simple, and the mold cost is low; (3) Spinning is a non-cutting process, and the material utilization rate is high, which is conducive to reducing production costs; (4) The dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance of the spinning parts are small; (5) Spinning is an axial stretching process.

The material in the deformation zone is in a state of two-dimensional or three-dimensional compressive stress, so a higher degree of deformation can be achieved. Application of spinning technology Spinning forming technology has irreplaceable technical advantages in forming rotor parts with thin wall, light weight, high strength, high precision and good fatigue resistance. It is based on many advantages, especially the improvement of the strength, hardness and fatigue resistance of parts after powerful spinning.

Spinning technology has been widely used in the manufacture of parts in the fields of automobiles, military industry, aerospace and other fields. At present, the materials that can be used for spinning are aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, low carbon steel, high temperature alloy, maraging steel, high strength steel, ultra high strength steel, stainless steel, etc. Auto Parts Manufacturing In the automotive industry, wheel hub manufacturing is an important field of application for spin forming technology.

As one of the three major processes of wheel manufacturing in China, the spinning wheel hub integrates various technical features such as forging, extrusion, stretching, cross-rolling, and rolling, and has the characteristics of good quality, high flexibility, light weight, and good rigidity. . Strong and many other advantages.

The spinning hub not only reduces the amount of processing and saves materials, but also maintains the compactness of the metal and the dynamic balance of the hub. In addition, while the spinning hub has sufficient rigidity, it is more convenient to control the wall thickness of the hub and make the weight lighter. The same size aluminum alloy spinning wheel and cast wheel, the weight of the former can be reduced by 15%.

Aviation Parts Manufacturing Spin forming technology has been widely used in aerospace manufacturing. For example, for aero-engines, the fairings, casings, lips, intake cones, nozzles, nozzles and other parts of the propeller are all formed by the spinning forming process. These parts are made of special materials and are bulky.

After the spinning forming process is adopted, the integrity of the structural parts is improved, the deformation of welds and parts is reduced, and the workload of manual modification is reduced. More importantly, due to the improvement of material strength after spinning, the design wall thickness of parts can be reduced, thereby reducing the weight of the whole machine and improving the reliability of the whole machine. In addition, in aircraft manufacturing, various nose covers, auxiliary fuel tanks, air intakes, cylinders, tie rods, slide rails, actuators, etc.

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