What should be paid attention to in the process of wheel hub maintenance?


In the maintenance process, we need to pay attention to a lot, simply put, our wheel hub is divided into five processes, we can explain according to these five processes. Painted wheels are a common wheel process. When refurbishing this hub, it should be noted that the primer must be sprayed in the workshop after cleaning.

This process is to increase the adhesion of the painted surface. Without this process, the paint after painting is easy to peel off. The wheel hub with brushed surface is a dynamic wheel hub with layered sense.

During the maintenance process, the problem that should be paid attention to is that after surface treatment, a layer of paint must be sprayed on the surface of the hub to prevent the CNC from pulling the aluminum alloy hub itself. After painting, brush the painted surface to avoid damage to the aluminum alloy wheel itself. Polished wheels are a kind of introverted wheels.

During the repair and refurbishment of this wheel, it is important to note that the surface must be clean and smooth for the finished wheel to perform. The imitation electroplated wheels are the favorite wheels of Japanese car owners. In order to repair and refurbish wheels, attention is required to professional equipment and techniques.

The electroplating hub is the hub process in the aluminum alloy hub. If there are slight scratches on the surface of the hub, it will seriously affect the grade of the whole vehicle. Therefore, we should be careful when repairing this hub.

At the same time, we should also be equipped with professional electroplating production lines and technical personnel to achieve real maintenance.

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