What parameters should be paid attention to when replacing the hub


What parameters should be paid attention to when replacing the hub 1. Center bore diameter (CB) refers to the size of the center hole of the hub. Whilst it is possible to install a different hub than the factory value with a derailleur, we do not recommend this for safety reasons. 2. Pitch circle diameter (PCD) For example, a hub with a pitch circle diameter of 5x120mm means that it has 5 positioning bolts, and the diameter of the circle formed by them is 120mm.

This value should also follow the original factory. 3. Offset (OFFSET) is also called ET value. If the value is positive, it means that the fixed surface of the hub is outside the center plane, otherwise it is within the center plane. The offset value of a car is generally a positive value, and this value has a great influence on the driving stability and cornering tracking of the car. It is determined by the original factory and cannot be changed unless it is specially required.

4. Diameter and Width The diameter determines the size of the rim. Since the reading of the speedometer of the car is determined according to the rotational speed of the wheel, if the wheel diameter is too large, the reading of the speedometer will be too small. Before you know it, you will be speeding. Excessive wheel diameter will also rub on the wheel arches and fenders.

Therefore, it is better to upgrade the wheel hub to be 1 inch larger than the original factory, no more than 2 inches at most, and use thinner tires to ensure that the size of the entire wheel is similar to that before the upgrade. Width affects which tires to choose after upgrading, tires that are too wide will slow down the starting speed and consume more fuel. Common values ​​correspond to: 185mm wide tires correspond to 5-inch wide rims; 195mm corresponds to 6 inches; 205mm corresponds to 6.5 inches; 215 corresponds to 7 inches.

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