Relevant description of carbon fiber automobile hub structure


After decades of development, my country's automobile industry has become an important industry in the national economy. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of various performance indicators of automobiles, the governments of various countries have stricter requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, automobile lightweight It has become the main direction of automobile development. The weight of general auto parts can be reduced by 1%, and the fuel can be saved by 1%. The weight of moving parts can be reduced by 1%, and the fuel can be saved by 20%.hubIt is a part installed on the car to support the tire, and it is also one of the important moving parts of the car.

carbon fiberCar wheelsManufactured by parting molding or material preforming process, the thickness of the product after the mold is locally uneven: in order to maintain the integrity of the carbon fiber fiber, the part with uneven thickness cannot be processed and finished like a metal material.

If it is made of carbon fiber composite material, the mounting screw holes will wear and tear, which will cause installation balance problems and affect driving and safety. In addition, the two-piece carbon fiber hub needs to be locked at the hub lock and spoke screws. If the screws are removed, the carbon fiber screw holes will be worn. , will not be able to meet the locking requirements, affecting the driving safety of the car.

The thickness of the yarn layer is 0.2mm-1mm, the carbon fiber spokes are formed by hollow blow molding, the thickness of the spokes is 6mm-20mm, and the filling sealant is glue cured at high temperature.


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