What exactly are wheels and why do they have such a big impact on a car? user manual | JWHEEL

It is true that a good set of wheels can make a direct difference to the visual experience. However, wheel modifications are also part of chassis modifications and can also have an impact on the whole body.

March 10, 2023
What exactly are wheels and why do they have such a big impact on a car? user manual | JWHEEL


What exactly are wheels and why do they have such a big impact on a car?

90% of people who are new to car tuning choose to start with a brand new set of wheels, for the two main reasons of "the original size is too small" and "the style doesn't look good". It is often said that changing wheels is like changing shoes: "You don't have to be a good player, but you have to have brand-name shoes. A car doesn't have to be fast, but the wheels have to look good".


It is true that a good set of wheels can make a direct difference to the visual experience. However, wheel modifications are also part of chassis modifications and can also have an impact on the whole body.


What exactly are wheels and why do they have such a big impact on a car?

 There are a lot of different ways to say it in world, including wheels, rims, wheels, and tires. ...... has a lot of names. As the wheels belong to the safety parts, the wheels produced by regular manufacturers are required to undergo strict wheel three performance tests.

1、Impact test

2、Bending fatigue test

3. Radial fatigue test


As you can see, it is difficult to pass the three main performance tests if the wheel does not have a little "weight", and minimising the weight of the wheel on the basis of meeting the strength is the way to go. At present, the main wheel performance test standards are

1、Japanese JWL VIA standard

2、German TUV standard

3、SAE standard

Compared to the consumption level of foreign car buyers and the different policies of various car manufacturers towards China, the size and style of the wheels vary between different configurations of each model, and car enthusiasts are also good at judging whether the car belongs to the lower mid-range or upper range of the series by the size of the wheels.


In the early car market, the common wheel size ranged from 14" to 17", and only some luxury brands were originally equipped with 18" or more wheels, but this was a rare case, and most family cars only stayed at the affordable stage of 14" to 16". The smaller wheel sizes are also equipped with smaller tyres, which can save consumers a lot of money in terms of maintenance costs.


As the infrastructure becomes more and more perfect, the car market continues to grow and other objective factors change, it can be found that more and more car manufacturers are more and more "generous" in terms of wheel equipment, standard 17-inch wheels are already commonplace, 18, 19-inch standard is also common, and there are even 20-inch wheels directly to the standard Although it is still a rare case, it has to be said: the consumer market is forcing car manufacturers to change their marketing thinking.



Tyres and wheels are the only parts of a daily passenger car that come into direct contact with the road, carrying between one and seven people, and their importance cannot be overstated. The wheel is like a person's foot, and the tyre is the shoe that is worn on the foot. The iron rule of how big the foot is and how big the shoe is cannot be changed, while the colour of the shoe, the material, the flat sole or the heel are all things that can be changed according to personal preferences and needs without affecting driving safety.

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  Jwheel, as an professional wheel manufacturer, concentrates in R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels, including casting wheels, forging wheels and flow-form wheels. The products of it have passed the certifications of SEI、SEMA,VIA, JWL, JWL-T, TUV and so on. Since establishment, Jwheel has been developing steadily, with rich experience of designing and producing aluminum alloy wheels. It has earned the appreciation of both domestic market and foreign market with its high technology, good quality and customer service. It provided OEM service to many international brands like Vossen, OE Wheel, TSW, Rays, ProLine, Oxygen, AUTEC, etc., and it also provide ODM service, that is, for producing a new wheel, you can just provide a sketch, drawing or picture, and then Jwheel will finish the rest parts. By the way, the MOQ of forging wheels is four. (For more information, just go to the website:


J125 17x7.5 36 112x5 66.6 HS1/SSAR/S53AP/A/H    675KG


The product will definitely increase the bathroom's or restroom's value. This product has a unique design that will differentiate from most monotonous bathroom products.


1.Q: What kinds of method do you use to put customized logo?
A: Silk screen printing. Laser engraving. Stamping.
2.Q: Can you accept my own logo on the product or Customize my idea?
A: Yes.
3.Q: Are you trading company or factory
A: We are a factory with over 20 years of manufacturing experience.


1.The company has been focusing on quality, management and environmental protection, and has passed. ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, Germany KBA, Japan VIA association certification (laboratory certification).
2.The company has obtained a number of patents by virtue of its strong technical strength: Patent for a clean grinding table based on aluminum alloy wheels.
3.The formula has perfect testing equipment, including material testing machine, hardness tester, solid aluminum alloy containing slag quantitative tester, X-ray diffractometer, bending fatigue tester, radial fatigue tester, biaxial fatigue tester, 13° impact tester, 30°/90° impact tester, salt spray test chamber, humidity and heat test chamber, etc., which can carry out the four major testing areas of wheels (dimensional testing, alloy material performance, reliability and safety, coating and We have formed a complete testing system from the incoming inspection of raw materials to the factory inspection of finished products, and our testing capabilities range from material and performance to dimensional and impact and fatigue testing, and then to the testing of the coating performance of finished wheels.
4.We not only have the traditional low-pressure casting technology, but also have the high strength and light weight manufacturing technology of "low-pressure casting + spinning". We always maintain various advanced technology advantages in aluminum alloy wheel manufacturing to meet customers' needs and lead the industry development.


Guangdong Guangchuan Auto Parts Trading  has its first plant established in 1993. After over 29 years’ development, Guangchuan Auto Parts Trading has become a world-leading supplier for many international famous wheel brands. Guangchuan Auto Parts Trading has an annual production capacity of 1.5 million and it provides one-stop solution for design and manufacturing. It’s equipped with advanced production facilities such as aluminum alloy melting furnace, casting production line, spinning and forging equipment, automatic painting line, helium leak detection system and automatic dynamic balance inspection system.

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