Influencing factors of hub strength


For many riders, modifying the wheels is like changing shoes, just like changing shoes. "The ball doesn't have to be good, but the shoes must be there. The car doesn't have to run fast, but the wheels must look good!" Indeed A good set of wheels can really change the "temperament" and even performance of a car. The wheels of each brand and each type of vehicle are different.

The wheels have gradually changed from the single shape of the Z to a variety of styles. From casting to forging, the weight becomes lighter and lighter. Some wheels are very traditional and appear to be very solid.

Some hubs have many hollow parts in the middle. You can see the large brake discs and brake calipers. Therefore, some people began to worry about whether the hollow hub with increased thin spokes would be unsafe and whether the strength would be reduced? First of all, we need to clarify the components of the hub. Spokes and rims Spokes are the parts we usually see with the naked eye.

Different wheels of different brands often have their own game in the spoke part, different shapes, but the strength has nothing to do with it, the spokes mainly play the role of improving the appearance level. The rim directly bears the weight of the car, and the strength of the hub plays a decisive role. So the strength of the hub. What is related to safety? Answer: Hub material The hub is mainly made of steel and aluminum alloy.

The Steel Wheel Z is characterized by its high weight. Due to the poor rigidity, the steel wheel must be designed to increase the thickness of the hub to improve the supporting force of the hub to support the weight of the car, thus making the hub heavier. Compared with steel wheels, the advantages of aluminum alloy wheels are particularly prominent.

Lighter weight and more changeable shapes have made aluminum alloy wheels gradually occupy more than half of the wheel market. Compared with aluminum alloy wheels, aluminum alloy wheels of the same quality naturally have higher strength, and steel wheels must increase thickness and weight to achieve higher strength, which is obviously not a good choice for most cars. Manufacturing technology is also an important reason. The strength of forged wheels will be better than cast wheels.

Of course, there are also differences in the price of cast wheels and forged wheels. In today's wheel market, forged wheels with high density, light weight, and the ability to handle extreme pressure are more favored by riders. Forged wheels can be made into various exaggerated styles, even two or three pieces, which not only meet the needs of daily driving, but also obtain a better driving experience.

I want to replace a suitable set. For middle-use and legal wheels, you must pay attention to the wheel diameter size when purchasing, and try to keep it consistent with the original factory. Whether the hub hole distance is appropriate and whether the wheel hub width is consistent with the original car. After confirming that it is correct, choose the wheel hub style you want. It is difficult to judge whether a wheel hub is good or bad with the naked eye.

The editor still wants to remind everyone that it is very important to choose wheels produced by regular brands and regular channels. After all, if you come across a fake sold by a shady business, it might be hard to spot with your eyes alone. By the time you find out you've been scammed, it may be too late.

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