How to repair the car wheel after damage


The car hub is also called the rim, which means the wheel hub, which is the part where the axle is installed in the center of the wheel. It is an important part that connects the brake drum (or brake disc), the wheel disc and the half shaft. It is fitted with bearings on the shaft tube or steering knuckle journal. If the surface of the car hub is scratched due to accidentally bumping into a hard object, the appearance of the hub will be unsightly.

Over time, the surface corrosion and oxidation of the damaged part of the hub will affect the performance of the hub. If the vehicle shakes when driving, or there is no problem at low speeds, but there is a feeling of vehicle shaking when driving at high speeds, it may be a problem with the wheel hub. When checking the damage of the wheel hub, separate the wheel hub from the tire, remove the wheel from the body, and remove the tire to see if the tire is deformed, broken, notched, or sunken. If there is any problem, repair or replace it at a professional repair station.

After the car tire is inflated, the outer edge of the tire will fit closely with the hub flange to prevent the gas in the tire from leaking. If the hub flange is deformed by collision, it will affect its tightness with the outer edge of the tire, resulting in dark leakage of the tire. Therefore, in the process of daily car use, care should be taken to avoid collisions with the hubs to prevent deformation of the hubs.

Car wheel flanges are severely deformed, and we can detect them with the naked eye. If you can't see it, it means that the deformation is not obvious. You need to remove the wheel first, and sprinkle water on the joint between the tire and the hub. If air bubbles are generated, it means that this part is the place where the tire leaks. If the deformation of the car hub is not repaired in time, it will cause more serious damage-the hub rupture.

The rupture of the hub will cause the gas inside the pneumatic tire to leak from the crack, which becomes a hidden danger of tire rupture. When this happens, new tires must be replaced in time, because the risk factor of tire rupture is very high, threatening the personal safety of the driver, so don't be careless. For car wheels that have scratches, minor car owners can repair them by themselves.

You can check the scars first. If there is no damage to the inner side of the hub, you can simply repair it. There are six specific steps for repairing: the first step is to use paint thinner to wipe around the scar to remove the dirt; the second step is to remove the dirt from the deepest part of the injury, so you can use a toothpick to clean it thoroughly; In the third step, in order to prevent the irrelevant parts from being painted, it is best to carefully stick the adhesive tape around the scar; in the fourth step, tidy up the tip of the brush and apply a touch-up paint, which is best to be slightly protruding; The fifth step, after smearing, it will take about a week to be completely dry. After drying, use water-resistant paper dipped in soapy water to smear to make the surface smooth; Waxed.

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