Car rim manufacturers talk about tire use instructions


Instructions for using tires:  1. Please use tires of the same type, structure, and size for all tires. However, if the new car manufacturer specifies the use of tires of different sizes according to the axle, please follow its instructions.  2. The size of the inner tube should be the same as the size of the tire, and please use a valve suitable for the rim of the vehicle.  3. If the air pressure is too high or not enough, the tire will be damaged and cause accidents.

General car tire pressure can refer to the owner's manual.  4. Always check whether the tire inflation pressure is appropriate, and replenish it at any time when it is lower or insufficient.  5. Do not use tires that have been damaged to the extent of the cord fabric or where the rubber has ruptured scars.

  6. For the remaining groove depth of the tire, if the wear index is 1.6mm, please replace it with a new tire.  7. Please confirm whether the rim is cracked, deformed or otherwise damaged, and whether there is obvious corrosion.  8. In order to prevent tire damage, the side of the tire should avoid touching the edge of the trail and protrusions on the road when driving.

9. When driving, if you feel unstable operation or strange sound or vibration, please stop in a safe place as soon as possible and check the tires of the car. 1. Always check the spare tire During normal maintenance or before long-distance travel, few car owners check the spare tire, and some unprofessional repair shops often ignore this point. The spare tire inspection is mainly to check the tire pressure, whether there is wear and cracks, and the spare tire should be replaced as soon as possible before the tread wears to the wear mark.

Wheel refurbishment and repair experts also pointed out that if there are slight cracks on the sidewall, it cannot be used for long-distance or high-speed driving, because the sidewall of the tire is thin, and high-speed driving is prone to puncture. 2. Don't put oil products and spare tires together. The main component of tires is rubber, and what rubber is most afraid of is the corrosion of various oil products. Car owners often store lubricating oil and other oil products in the trunk. Once these oils get on the tires, they will bulge and corrode the tires, which will greatly reduce the service life of the tires.

3. Generally, the service life of tires is about 4 years. Many car owners think that as long as the spare tire is kept in the trunk and not used, it can be "as good as the sky", which is wrong. It often happens that the car owner wants to replace the spare tire after a puncture, but finds that the spare tire has been severely aged after being placed for many years and is already a waste tire. In fact, because tires are rubber products, they will age if they are stored for too long. Generally, the aging period of tires is about 4 years. Therefore, the spare tire should be replaced after 4 years.

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