What are the maintenance and cleaning methods for car wheels?


As we all know, the hub is actually a rim. Generally speaking, it is the part of the wheel, that is, the shaft mounted in the center of the wheel, which is connected to the brake drum. After long-term use, the important parts of the wheel disc and half shaft will also have problems.

Therefore, the car wheel repair dealer reminds the car to pay attention to the repair methods and precautions of the car wheel. Wheel hub products are mainly divided into casting and forging in terms of manufacturing process, but generally speaking, forged rings have high strength, so casting rings are used for racing cars, with light weight, low power loss, and faster running. Another different index of the hub is that the hole pitch and eccentric distance of the hub are different.

The number of hubs requires a uniform density in time. The shape is round. Thermal deformation is large.

Wheel products can be updated. Someone will upgrade their car. With a large wheel hub, the outer diameter of the tire remains unchanged, the flatness of the tire becomes larger, the lateral swing of the car becomes smaller, and the stability improves, but the car loses its original comfort.

From the market point of view, most of the wheels are currently made of aluminum alloy, and the appearance of the wheels is very beautiful and exquisite. However, in order to maintain the beauty of the wheel hub, pay attention to the accidental loss of the wheel hub during driving, and maintain and maintain the wheel hub regularly. How about the maintenance and cleaning of the hub? Clean up the sand and dust on the hub, as well as the dirt that is easy to damage the hub, otherwise the surface of the aluminum alloy hub will be corroded and damaged.

Use an anti-acid detergent to treat the inner and outer surfaces of the car hub, and wax the hub every 2 months, which can prolong the service life of the hub. Note: In order to prevent damage to the hub surface protective layer, do not use paint brighteners or other abrasive materials. When the aluminum alloy protective paint is damaged and hard objects are scratched during driving, the aluminum alloy wheels should be repaired and repainted at a professional maintenance station.

The maintenance of car wheels is not only these methods, but also many basic methods, so we must pay attention to these methods in daily driving and use them, so that your car wheels can be used for a long time and reduce wear and tear.

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