Precautions for the use and installation of aluminum alloy wheel bearings, frequent inspection is very important


The main function of the aluminum alloy wheel bearing is to bear the weight and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the aluminum alloy wheel. It bears both axial load and radial load and is a very important part. Aluminum alloy hub bearing units are developed on the basis of standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.

Combining two sets of bearings into one, the assembly performance is good, the clearance adjustment can be omitted, the weight is light, the structure is compact, the load capacity is large, the sealed bearing is pre-installed with grease, and the external aluminum alloy wheel seal is omitted, maintenance-free. It has been widely used in cars, and there is a tendency to gradually expand its application in trucks. In daily use, aluminum alloy wheel bearings should be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid accidents.

let' Ten precautions for bearing use and maintenance! Matters needing attention in the use and installation of aluminum alloy wheel bearings 1. In order to ensure the greatest safety and reliability, it is recommended that you always check the aluminum alloy wheel bearings no matter how long the vehicle is driving - pay attention to the early warning wear of the bearings Signals: include any grinding noise when turning or abnormal deceleration of the suspension combination wheels when cornering. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, it is recommended that the vehicle reach 38,000 kilometers.

Lubricate the front alloy wheel bearings. When replacing the brake system, check the bearings and replace the oil seal. 2.

If you hear abnormal noise from the aluminum alloy wheel bearing, first find out where the abnormal noise occurs. There are many moving parts that can create noise, or Some rotating parts are in contact with non-rotating parts. If noise is confirmed in the bearings, the bearings may be damaged and need to be replaced.

3. Due to the bearing failure caused by the front aluminum alloy wheel, the working conditions on both sides are similar. Even if only one bearing is damaged, it is recommended to replace it in pairs.

4. Aluminum alloy wheel bearings are sensitive, so you need to use correct methods and tools anyway. During storage, transportation and installation, the components of the bearing must not be damaged bad.

Some bearings require more pressure to press in, so special tools are required. Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer's manual. 5.

The bearing should be installed in a clean and tidy environment. Small particles entering the bearing will shorten the service life of the bearing. Keep the environment clean when changing bearings Very important.

Hitting the bearing with a hammer is not permitted, take care not to drop the bearing on the ground (or similar mishandling). Prior to installation, check the condition of the shaft and bearings Check, even slight wear can cause a poor fit which can lead to early failure of the bearing. 6.

For the aluminum alloy hub bearing unit, do not try to disassemble the aluminum alloy hub bearing or adjust the sealing ring of the aluminum alloy hub unit, otherwise the sealing ring will be damaged and water or dust will enter. even Both the seal ring and the inner ring raceway are damaged, resulting in permanent failure of the bearing. 7.

There is a magnetic thrust ring in the seal ring matched with the ABS device bearing. This thrust ring cannot be subjected to bumps, shocks or collisions with other magnetic fields. Installation process Before taking it out of the box, please keep it away from magnetic fields, such as motors or power tools used.

When installing these bearings, observe the ABS warning on the instrument panel through the road condition test Needle rollers change the behavior of the bearing. 8. Aluminum alloy hub bearing with ABS magnetic thrust ring.

To determine which side the thrust ring is mounted on, a small, light object can be used near the edge of the bearing. Magnetism will attract it. When installing, put the side with the thrust ring inwards, facing the sensitive components of the ABS.

Note: Improper installation may cause brake system Function fails. 9. Many bearings are sealed, and such bearings do not need lubrication for life.

Fit other unsealed bearings, such as double row tapered roller bearings Must be lubricated with grease. Because bearing cavities vary in size, it can be difficult to determine how much grease to add. The most important thing is to make sure there is grease in the bearings.

As the bearing turns, excess grease seeps out. General rule of thumb: When installing, the total amount of grease should account for 50% of the bearing clearance. 10.

When installing the lock nut, the torque varies greatly due to the difference of the bearing type and the bearing seat. Please refer to the relevant instructions. As the professional wholesale alloy wheel companies, JWHEEL engaged in the production and independent import and export of aluminum alloy wheels, we provide custom alloy wheels and OEM services, you can provide us with wheel style pictures, our designers will design quality beautiful and high wheels for you Hub, welcome to contact us!.

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