How to get the shiny surface of the car wheel?


Wheel size consists of two parameters: rim diameter and rim width. The representation methods are 15x6.5; 15x6.5JJ; 15x6.5J; 1565, etc. There is no rigid regulation on the format. The "15" in the front indicates the diameter of the tire ring, which means that the diameter of the tire ring of the wheel hub is 15 inches, and the "6.5" (or 6.5J, 6.5JJ, 65) at the back indicates the width of the tire ring, which means that the tire ring width of the wheel hub is 6.5 inches inch.

The wheel size can usually be found on the lettering on the back of the wheel. PCD: refers to the pitch circle diameter of the hub bolt holes. The representation is such as 5x114.3, 10x100/114.3, "5" indicates the number of bolt holes, which means that there are 5 bolt holes.

"114.3" indicates that the pitch circle diameter of the bolt hole is 114.3mm. In life, most friends like big wheels, because everyone is a visual animal, especially fancy senses, and pursue spiritual life. In fact, modifying a car is to make your car feel better! It's more cool to drive out.

Hub size is divided into diameter and width, and the former is generally valued. Due to the limitation of the wheel arches and wheel arches, the flatness must be reduced after changing to a larger wheel hub to ensure that the tire circumference (diameter) is close, the torque will not be damaged, and the tire can be installed in place smoothly. The biggest advantage of changing to a larger wheel hub is that the sensory stimulation is strong, but it must be practical with wide tires. Generally, a larger wheel hub will increase the tire width, or even become a negative wheel hub. Many off-road vehicles use more car wheel hubs.

The mirror-like bright effect of the wheel hub is the electroplating surface of the wheel hub. The bright surface of the hub is electroplated in a vacuum environment. Wheel hub vacuum plating adopts the world's top powder spraying technology and magnetron vacuum coating technology to process and plate the wheel hub. At the same time, this production technology is characterized by replacing the traditional high-pollution and high-cost method of electroplating, with zero pollution and high-efficiency production mode To create high value-added products.

Compared with the spray plating on the outside, hub vacuum plating has strong adhesion, long service life, and no peeling or paint removal; compared with water plating, the vacuum plating color can be chosen by yourself, and you can make whatever color you like , unlike water electroplating, only white electroplating and black electroplating can be done.

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