Car wheel maintenance methods and precautions


Wehubvery familiar. It is an important part of the car, also known as the rim. Generally, it is the part of the axle that is mounted in the center of the wheel and is connected to the brake drum.Car wheelsMaintenance experts said that for important parts of wheels and axle shafts, attention should be paid to their maintenance methods and related matters.

Automobile wheels are mainly divided into casting and forging processes. Generally, cast rings are aluminum and forged rings are aluminum and titanium. But generally speaking, the forged ring is strong, the cast ring is light in weight, small in power loss and fast in operation.

Another different indicator of the hub is the hole distance and the eccentric distance. The hole distance is just the position of the screw. The eccentric distance reflects the distance of the hub from the surface of the screw to the centerline of the hub.

A very good hub needs uniform density, round shape, high thermal deformation and high strength.

Car wheels can be updated. Some people will upgrade their wheels.

For larger wheels, the outer diameter of the tire remains the same, and the flattening law of the tire becomes larger. The lateral sway of the car is smaller and the stability is improved. However, the car has lost the comfort of logging.

The currently used wheel hub is made of aluminum alloy material, which is beautiful in appearance, but also very delicate. In order to maintain the beauty of the hub, in addition to paying special attention to preventing accidental damage to the hub during driving, regular maintenance of the hub is also required.


1. The sand attached to the surface of the car wheel hub should be cleaned, and there is easily damaged dirt on the wheel hub, otherwiseAluminum alloy wheelsThe surface will be corroded and damaged;

2. The inner and outer surfaces of the hub are treated with acid-proof cleaner, and the hub is waxed every 2 months, which can prolong the service life of the hub;

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