Aluminum alloy wheels must be put into use to ensure their strength


thehubIt is an auto part used to support the tire. It is supported inside the tire and fixedly connected to the car axle. That is to say, the bolt is fixedly connected to the car axle or body by installing the hub end plate, so that the wheel axle or body is fixedly connected to the car. Today's small I will introduceAluminum alloy wheelsPut into use to ensure its strength.

At present, the traditional wheel hub is made of alloy or stainless steel. During the long-term use of this wheel hub, depending on the road surface and environment, different degrees of corrosion and scratches will appear, which will lead to a short service life of the wheel hub. To a certain extent, There are also corresponding problems and hidden dangers in the safety of vehicles.

Aluminum alloy rim, spokes and mounting plate are painted with electrophoretic paint, set in the middle of the mounting plate on the side of the rim, the plate and the flange are connected to the spokes, the spoke end is fixed on the mounting plate, and the other end is fixed on the inner ring wall rim and rim, and spokes On the surface of the mounting plate, there is a primer spray layer and an electrophoretic transparent paint layer from the inside to the outside.

Bolt holes are provided at the positions corresponding to the spokes on the mounting plate, grooves corresponding to the position of each set of spokes are provided on the back of the mounting plate, and arc-shaped grooves are provided on the side of the groove between adjacent two sides of each set of spokes. groove.


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