Unlock the Perfect Fit: The JWHEEL Dilemma

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December 15, 2023
Unlock the Perfect Fit: The JWHEEL Dilemma

Unlock the Perfect Fit: The JWHEEL Dilemma

When choosing a JWHEEL, if you find that the centre hole is small after purchase, don't be in a hurry, analyse the situation first.


First of all, the proper size of the centre hole of the wheel is crucial for the installation of the wheel. If the centre hole size is too small, it is difficult for the wheel to be successfully installed on the vehicle. Even if it is barely mounted successfully, it is prone to problems such as inflexible wheel rotation and inaccurate positioning, and in serious cases, it may even cause the wheel to fall off.

Secondly, if the size of the centre hole of the wheel hub is too small, then even if the model of the wheel hub matches the wheelbase of the vehicle, the real performance of the wheel hub cannot be brought out. This is because the rotational speed and power of the wheel depends on the size of the centre hole, and if the hole is too small, the performance of the wheel will be greatly reduced.

So, how to solve the problem of the hub centre hole size is too small?

You can choose to add a centre hole reducer ring (centre ring) to solve it. The specific operation is as follows:

1. Find the appropriate centre ring collar, for example, when the axle is 67.1, find a 73.1 to 67.1 centre ring collar.

2. Install the centre ring on the axle.

3. Match the hub with the axle. After installation, you can see that the gap between the axle and the hub is filled with the centre ring.



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