Cracking the Code: Wheel Mold Failures Unveiled!

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December 15, 2023
Cracking the Code: Wheel Mold Failures Unveiled!

Cracking the Code: Wheel Mold Failures Unveiled!

JWHEEL introduces the factors of wheel mould design failure.


JWHEEL car wheels have always been favoured by the majority of consumers for its exquisite design and excellent quality. However, mould design problems are also encountered in the 30-year production process.

Mould design is a key part of wheel production and its quality directly affects the overall quality of the wheel. In this case, we found that the original design had certain defects, which led to the production process could not be moulded smoothly, and ultimately led to problems such as poor moulding and weight increase of the wheel.

We deeply analysed the reasons for the failure, and in the process of continuously optimising the design during our 30 years of production experience, we not only improved the wheel's moulding effect, but also reduced the weight of the wheel as much as possible under the premise of quality assurance.

Among them, automotive wheel hub mould design is a complex process, which needs to consider many factors, such as material selection, processing technology, mould structure and so on. Problems in any part may lead to mould design failure.

In order to avoid the failure of mould design, designers need to fully understand the customer needs and product requirements, make detailed analysis and calculation, choose suitable materials and processing technology, and conduct sufficient testing and validation. After the mould development, there is a need to try out the moulds, repair the moulds, try out the production, and test the small batch of samples, and so on.

Jwheel makes great efforts to improve the design quality of wheel moulds through continuous efforts to provide consumers with better quality wheel products.


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