Revolutionize Your Auto Wheels with Jwheel's Expert Mould Design

🔥Revolutionize your ride!🔥 Upgrade your auto wheels to the next level with Jwheel's cutting-edge mould design. 😎 Experience unparalleled style and performance like never before. 🚀 Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary! Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation. Get ready to turn heads on the road! 🌟 #Jwheel #AutoWheels #RevolutionaryDesign #CuttingEdgeTechnology

December 15, 2023
Revolutionize Your Auto Wheels with Jwheel's Expert Mould Design

Revolutionize Your Auto Wheels with Jwheel's Expert Mould Design

Jwheel is professional in auto wheel mould design!


First of all, as far as the design scheme is concerned, Jwheel team presents you with unique styles with exquisite skills and extraordinary creativity, blending art and utility perfectly. Each wheel is carefully designed to give your car more personality and instantly enhance its value.

Among them, the following factors need to be considered to determine the best design scheme for the car wheel mould:

1.PCD: i.e. how many positions of holes.

2. Wheel size: refers to the diameter of the wheel.

3. Width: refers to the width of the wheel hub.

4. ET value: refers to the depth of the position where the wheel is mounted on top of the car.

5. Hub weight: refers to the weight of the hub.

Then, let's talk about the main parameters of Jwheel car wheel mould. It is built with high quality materials and durable. Advanced CNC processing equipment and precise measuring tools are used to ensure the quality of mould manufacturing. In addition, the design of ventilation holes and pressure relief holes of the wheel hub takes full consideration of driving safety, so that you can enjoy driving fun and ensure driving safety at the same time.



    Come and join us to experience the charm brought by Jwheel!


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