Revolutionary JWHEEL Finish Tech: Unleash the Perfect Ride!

Ready to revolutionize your ride? Experience the game-changing JWHEEL Finish Tech, designed to unleash the perfect ride like never before! Say goodbye to ordinary and embrace extraordinary. #JWHEEL #Innovation #RideRevolution

December 15, 2023
Revolutionary JWHEEL Finish Tech: Unleash the Perfect Ride!

Revolutionary JWHEEL Finish Tech: Unleash the Perfect Ride!

When we talk about JWHEEL, do we ever focus on the finish technology of the wheels?


The first thing we need to understand is the material of the wheel. A quality wheel needs to be strong enough, wear-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, usually using A356 aluminium alloy. Therefore, when choosing the material, we take into account the harsh environment that the wheel faces while driving.

There are a variety of surface treatment techniques for wheels, and next, I will introduce you to two of the more common treatments.

One is a polished finish. This process makes the wheel more beautiful by grinding the surface of the wheel to achieve a mirror-like surface smoothness. However, polishing treatment can not change the inner structure of the wheel material, so it does not play a big role in improving the wear resistance of the wheel.

The other is spraying treatment. Spraying treatment is to spray a layer of special coating on the surface of the wheel, and then dry it at high temperature to form a solid surface layer. Spray treatment can enhance the wear resistance of the wheel hub, but also can well protect the surface of the wheel hub from corrosion and scratches. Spray treatment has a wide range of colours and patterns for you to choose from, showing your unique personal taste.



In short, in the purchase of wheels, in addition to its shape and beauty, we should pay more attention to the surface treatment technology of the wheel, to buy a beautiful and practical JWHEEL, so that your car has more personality.


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