The deformation of the wheel hub is not a trivial matter, so don't save this money!


The deformation of the wheel hub is not a trivial matter, so don't save this money! When the car collides or collides with a hard object, it is easy to cause the wheel hub rim to bend and deform. However, many driver friends have not paid enough attention to it, but they don't know how many potential safety hazards there are. Hazardous hub deformation The hub, also known as steel ring, is used to support the whole vehicle and ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.

Once the wheel hub is deformed, it will cause great harm to the car, which may cause vehicle deviation, abnormal bumps, steering wheel shake, tire leakage, abnormal tire wear and other problems related to driving safety. Once this happens, detection and professional maintenance must be carried out in time. Causes of wheel hub deformation Wheel hub deformation is usually caused by the driving habits of the car owner.

The reason for the deformation is usually an accidental collision with a wall or railing during driving, or an unavoidable stone, or a hard object during high-speed driving. These conditions are likely to deform the hub. It may also be that the spare tire was not replaced in time after a puncture or when the tire pressure was seriously insufficient, but continued to drive for a long distance.

How to repair wheel deformation 01. Surface damage Common wheel damage is basically caused by scratches on the wheel. Scratch is the main one. When repairing, only the surface is treated, which basically does not affect the originality and safety. 02. Deformation repair When the car hub collides or collides, it is easy to cause the car wheel rim to bend and deform, which is a serious damage. The general process of this kind of damage repair is: deformation position detection-heating-correction-completion.

However, the material of the wheel hub is aluminum alloy, and the material itself has relatively poor resistance to metal fatigue. After being deformed by external force, it is forcibly restored to its original shape by external force. Even if the small cracks on the surface cannot be observed with the naked eye, from a scientific point of view, the metal structure here is completely different from that of ordinary wheels.

The deformation of the wheel hub will lead to vehicle deviation, abnormal bumps, steering wheel vibration, tire leakage, and abnormal tire wear are related to driving safety. Therefore, if the wheel hub deformation is serious, it is generally recommended to replace the wheel hub. 03. Hub breakage This kind of hub damage is the most serious. Although the broken hub can be repaired by welding, the safety performance is greatly reduced! Therefore, if the hub is broken, it is not recommended to repair and should be replaced directly.

After all, the hub is safe and has too much impact on safe driving.

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