Low pressure casting process of aluminum alloy rim


Aluminum alloy wheel hub low-pressure casting technical standards include prestress tension, filling, charging, motor rated power, mold heating temperature, pouring temperature, and mold coating. (1) Preload and preload rate The pre-working pressure is the working pressure required when the metal surface rises to the water gate. The rising speed of the metal material liquid in the pipe should be accelerated as much as possible, and the metal material liquid should be prevented from splashing when entering the water conservancy gate.

(2) Filling working pressure and filling rate The filling working pressure is the working pressure required to fill the metal liquid to the top of the casting. During the filling process, the rising rate of the working pressure on the metal surface is the filling rate. (3) Working pressure and working pressure increase rate The metal material liquid fills the bone cavity, and then the working pressure is increased again to make the forged crystal condense under a certain working pressure.

This working pressure is called crystal working pressure. The higher the crystal pressure, the more effective the folding will be and the denser the final forged structure will be. However, it is impossible to improve the quality of castings according to the working pressure of casting crystallization.

(4) Holding time Raise the working pressure of the cavity to the working pressure of the crystal, and keep it under the working pressure of the crystal for a period of time. The time required for the casting to completely solidify is called the holding time. If the storage time is insufficient, the castings are not easy to dry completely, and all or part of the metal liquid in the castings flows to the wholesale, resulting in empty castings: if the holding time is too long, the castings will last too long.

Not only will it reduce the yield of the processing technology, but it will also cause the casting to freeze (blocked pouring), making it impossible to choose the maintenance time of the casting. (5) Forging temperature and pouring temperature The low-pressure casting of aluminum alloy profile wheels for trolleys has certain regulations on the working temperature of metal materials. The working temperature of metal materials is generally controlled at 350-500°C, and it can reach 400-520°C when casting thick-walled and complex parts.

The application temperature of low-pressure casting aluminum liquid on the aluminum alloy profile wheel of the trolley was discussed, and it was confirmed that the lower the pressure film, the higher the pressure film. (6) Architectural coatings In order to improve the service life and quality of castings, the coating must be symmetrical, and the thickness of the coating should be determined according to the surface finish of the casting and the cooling direction of the casting. JWHEEL is the professional china alloy wheel manufacturers, engaged in the production and independent import and export of aluminum alloy wheels, we provide customized wheels and OEM services, you can provide us with wheel style pictures, our designers will design beautiful and high-quality wheels for you Hub, welcome to contact us!.

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