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The steel ring is also called the hub, which can be said to be the "shoe" of the car. There is a Chinese saying that if you don't have good shoes on your feet, you will be poor. The same applies to cars.

Nowadays, the wheels of a good car are definitely not small, and the wheels are also the first entry point for many people when refitting. Because not only is the car more beautiful all of a sudden, but also directly improves the performance of a certain aspect of the car. Car rims are also called car wheels, which are the steel rims that support tires on cars. The role of car wheels for cars can be said to be the role of shoes for us.

So nowadays it is too inappropriate for a good car not to be equipped with a good tire. Installing a good tire can not only make the car more beautiful at once, but also ensure the safety of driving. The size of the car wheel hub is generally expressed in this way. When you buy a wheel hub, there will be such data on it: 18 (diameter 18 inches) 8.5 (width 8.5 inches) 5 (5 fixing bolts) 114.3 (the distance between the bolt holes is 114.3 mm ) +42 (Offset is +42 mm), in the definition of the steel ring, there is no "thick" or "thin"; and the label of the tire is like this: 245/40-18. Among them, 245 refers to the width, while 40 can be understood as the thickness, and 18 refers to the 18-inch wheel hub.

Our company is an enterprise dedicated to the research and development of automobile wheels, and is willing to seek common development and create a better tomorrow with customers from all over the world. The problem of replacing the wheel hub is that the cost can be saved for the automobile manufacturer. Unfortunately, the wheel hub has become the cost-saving object of the original factory.

As long as the size is appropriate and the rigidity is sufficient, the original wheel will choose a mold with a simple structure and a moderate shape for mass production. Although there is no problem with the quality, it does not take care of the individual needs of consumers at all. The wheels of some low-end models are even ugly to the point of being criticized by thousands of people.

Therefore, replacing the wheel hub has become another good way for car owners to show their personality after the body stickers. However, there are many parameters involved in the replacement of the wheel hub. Car owners who have this intention should do their homework first to avoid hidden dangers to safety. We also know a little about car steel rims, and the next article I want to bring to you is about the purchase of car steel rims.

So let's find out with the editor!  Selection of car rims:  According to the characteristics and requirements of different models, the surface treatment process of the wheel will also adopt different methods, which can be roughly divided into two types: baking paint and electroplating. The steel rims of ordinary models are less considered in terms of appearance. Good heat dissipation is a basic requirement. The process is basically treated with baking paint, that is, spraying first and then electric baking. The cost is relatively economical and the color is beautiful and lasts for a long time. Even if the vehicle is scrapped Yes, the color of the rim remains the same. Some fashionable, avant-garde and dynamic color wheels also use baking paint technology.

This type of steel ring is moderately priced and has complete specifications.  The flatter the tire, the thinner its thickness, the worse the shock absorption performance, and the greater the sacrifice in comfort. In addition, if there are roadblocks such as stones, the tires are easily damaged.

Therefore, the cost of blindly increasing the steel ring cannot be ignored..

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