How to protect car wheels from damage


A safe and reliable automobile hub protection ring includes a hub protection ring with a split ring structure, the inner ring body fixing sleeve is located on the inner surface of the outer ring body, the inner ring is an arc structure, and the position and positioning of the upper edge of the outer ring are fixed on the outer both sides of the circle. The edge is positioned with the outer ring, the fixed cover is fixed on the inner ring body, the inner surface of the fixed cover is provided with lower locking teeth, and the tail of the wheel hub guard ring is provided with locking teeth to cooperate with the lower locking teeth. The end of the inner ring body is provided with convex parts, and the convex parts are distributed with a plurality of convex parts at equal intervals along the end of the inner ring body. There are at least two sets of upper locking teeth, and the upper locking teeth are arranged on the inner ring body. It is a split ring structure, easy to remove and install the hub protection ring.

The end of the inner ring structure (body) is equipped with a number of bumps, which strengthen the degree of cooperation between the hub, the ring body and the tire, and closely cooperate with the tire wheel, reducing the failure of the hub and the ring body to disintegrate and fall off during installation. The setting of the teeth and the connection can make the connection of the head end of the ring body of the wheel hub more firm, avoid deviation during driving, and improve the safety and reliability of use. Tags: car hub.

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