What style of car forged wheels look good


car forginghubwhat style looks good

If the original 17 inchesCar wheelsIf you want to change to a larger size, such as 18-inch wheels, the corresponding value will be higher. According to the formula, the diameter difference between old and new tires should be controlled at about 3% to ensure driving safety. As a result, the optional tires will be wider and the natural sidewalls will be thinner.

If you don't mind the increase in gas mileage and think the bigger size is more appealing, there are a lot of things you should be aware of when driving after you buy it. Because the hub of the car is relatively large, the tire is relatively wide, and the sidewall is relatively thin, so if you do not pay attention, the probability of a bulge or a tire blowout will be much higher than that of a small wheel.

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On average, eachAluminum alloy wheelsIt is 2kg lighter than steel wheels of the same size, and a five-wheeler can save 10kg.

Although alloy wheels are more expensive than regular steel wheels, the fuel cost savings will be enough to offset the cost of driving 20,000 kilometers per vehicle. The impact resistance, tensile strength and thermal strength of aluminum alloy wheels are higher than those of steel wheels. This is also one of the reasons why aluminum alloy occupies an important position in my country's imitation industry and aviation industry.

The precision can be as high as 0.05mm, and the balance performance is good, which is conducive to eliminating-in addition to the general body length and steering wheel shaking.

carForged Wheelswhat style looks good

The density of steel is significantly higher than that of aluminum alloy building materials, which is why aluminum alloys have always been used for lightweight automobile chassis in my country; automobile wheels belong to the "unsprung part". If the unsprung mass cost is too large, it will inevitably affect the working performance, handling performance and actual fuel consumption.

Like a car hub, the weight loss of the hub is directly caused by the torque output controlled by the engine; because the first thing the powertrain needs to be able to overcome through the axle shaft transmission to the wheel is the mass of the wheel (weight/drag during operation) , so the power on the hub of the car needs to be synchronized and can be reduced.

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What style of car forged wheels look good

Before driving, everyone should take a minute to look where the car can see to see if there is any abnormality, or do regular inspections.

If your car is often driven at high speeds, it is more important to increase the level of inspection. Drive on smooth roads. You can't drive fast on rough roads, drive slowly.

You should drive slowly when encountering roadblocks. This is usually the main cause of damage to the car wheel hub. The damage to the car wheel hub is generally invisible to the naked eye, and then slowly poses a safety hazard.

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No slight deformation can be seen with the naked eye, and no deformation can be seen inside the car wheel.

At this time, when driving fast, the steering wheel shakes, indicating that the wheel hub of the car may be deformed, and it is time to balance it. The hub flange is divided into inner flange and outer flange. The outer flange is visible, but the inner bridge is not.

However, when getting out of the car at high speed, you can pay attention to whether the steering wheel vibrates or whether the tires are leaking. If there is one of these two cases, it must be deformed. If a car wheel is cracked in a large pit, it will definitely deform.

At this time, the deformation needs to be repaired when repairing the crack.

What style of car forged wheels look good

The material development of ordinary automobile wheels is not ordinary pig iron, but steel with carbon content less than or equal to 2.0%; but the proportion of pig iron is as high as 2.0% to 4.5%, so in mechanical design, there is a big gap between the strength and toughness of two different materials . However, even steel is not very strong.

For example, body A-pillars made of hot-formed steel with a yield strength of up to 1500 MPa can still bend in a crash. Therefore, the compressive working ability of the steel automobile wheel hub is relatively weak, that is to say, it is relatively simple and easy to deform.

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