What is the decorative effect of car modified wheels


Car modificationhubHow is the decorative effect

Car wheelsAccording to the material, it is mainly divided into steel wheels and light alloy wheels. Light alloy wheels are mainly made of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. In today's car market, steel wheels are rare, and most models useAluminum alloy wheels, namely light alloy wheels. The aluminum alloy materials used to manufacture aluminum wheels include A356, 6061, etc., of which A356 is widely used as cast aluminum wheels.

A356 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small specific gravity and good corrosion resistance. It is mainly composed of aluminum, silicon, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, titanium and other metal elements, aluminum accounts for about 92%, is a mature aluminum alloy material.

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The adhesion of the aluminum alloy wheel hub during the electroplating process is mainly manifested as blistering and peeling. The bubbles refer to the bulging phenomenon in the local area between the coatings, and the small bubbles are difficult to pierce with a knife.

The large bubbles are similar to exfoliation after clearing and also exhibit the characteristics of exfoliation. Spalling is a phenomenon in which the positive film area between coatings can separate and tear off. Spalling can occur between zinc coating and nickel coating, between semi-gloss nickel and acid copper, and between plated hub and nickel coating. Types have different applications and different solutions.

carModified WheelsHow is the decorative effect

Aluminum alloy wheels are more suitable for passenger cars than steel wheels, and currently, their manufacturing processes can be divided into three categories.

The first is casting, which is currently the process of choice for most automakers. Low pressure casting is a process in which molten aluminum is charged into the mold under pressure and solidified and crystallized under pressure. Under the same conditions, compared with gravity casting, the internal structure of low pressure casting hub is denser and stronger.

At present, low pressure casting has become the process of producing aluminum alloy wheels, and most domestic aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers adopt low pressure casting process.

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What is the decorative effect of car modified wheels

Many car owners accidentally hit the roadside or corner when parking, scratching or deforming the wheel.

Scratches are not a big problem, and if the car wheel is deformed or simply falls off, it needs to be replaced. Car owners should pay attention to daily driving to avoid scratching the wheels due to luck. Pay attention to daily maintenance, check and clean up oil stains regularly, there will be no major problems.

Wash the car wheel with clean water, and then wash it after the wheel has cooled down. When the car is driving, the wheels generate heat by rubbing against the tires and brake pads. If you rinse immediately with water, the material of the hub will change, which can easily cause discoloration of the outer coating. Wipe off the oil with soap and water.

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Wheel hubs are divided into aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels, and aluminum alloy wheels are divided into forging and casting. The fatigue strength and bending strength of forged aluminum alloy wheels are much higher than those of steel wheels. Under the same environment, the heat dissipation coefficient of aluminum alloy wheels is 3 times that of steel wheels, and the maximum bearing capacity of forged aluminum alloy wheels is 5 times that of steel wheels.

Aluminum alloy wheels have the characteristics of light weight, saving tires and beautiful appearance. At the same time, the safety of forged aluminum alloy wheels is much higher than that of steel rings. According to the JIT standard, only the forged aluminum alloy wheels can keep the normal operation when the vehicle hits the door sill at a speed of 50 km/h.

What is the decorative effect of car modified wheels

If the corrosion of the car wheel is not repaired in time, the corrosion of the wheel will be more serious, resulting in tire leakage and shortening the service life. Repair the car wheel in time after it is rusted, which is not only beautiful, but also increases the service life. Scratches, deformation and damage are unavoidable problems of a car during long driving.

If the hub is not repaired and renovated in time, and if it is not dealt with for a long time, it is easy to cause traffic accidents and bring hidden dangers to the safety of oneself and his family. Wheel refurbishment will clean and reduce rust, dirt and other pollutants on the surface of the wheel hub, which can effectively reduce air pollution caused by vehicle driving.

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