About JWHEEL When modifying the wheels of a car, these 4 data should not be ignored user manual | JWHEEL

Many car owners will buy wheels to modify their cars when they get a new car or after driving for a while. However, buying wheels is not a simple matter, choose the right data in order to make the modification in one step.

March 07, 2023
About JWHEEL When modifying the wheels of a car, these 4 data should not be ignored user manual | JWHEEL

When modifying the wheels of a car, these 4 data should not be ignored if you want to get it right

In modern car modification, wheel modification is a very popular modification direction, because modifying the wheels can enhance the car's face and win a higher rate of return, and can also improve the car's safety and handling performance.


Many car owners will buy wheels to modify their cars when they get a new car or after driving for a while. However, buying wheels is not a simple matter, choose the right data in order to make the modification in one step.


1. Size of the wheel.

The size of the wheel is actually the diameter of the wheel, people often say 15-inch wheels, 16-inch wheels, of which 15, 16 inches refers to the diameter of the wheel.

Generally speaking, a larger wheel size and a higher tyre flat ratio will give the car's wheels a good visual tension and better handling stability.

However, the size of the wheel is not the bigger the better. The size of the wheel must match the size of the tyres, which are too large for the tyres to fit, and even if they do, the tyres tend to be too flat and too thin, resulting in a significant reduction in the car's shock absorption and comfort.

The correct approach is to look up the diameter parameters of the wheels when shopping for them, either through the Owner's Manual or through the parameters marked on the tyres.


2. Width of the wheel.

The width of the wheel, also known as the wheel J-value, has a direct impact on the flatness of the tyre. Tyres of the same size with different wheel J-values will have different flatness and width.

If the wheel J-value is not chosen correctly, it will either lead to over-flattened tyres with reduced thickness and greatly reduced shock absorption, or to tyres that are too high and have an impact on components such as brakes.

Therefore, when choosing the width of the wheel, it is best to also refer to the corresponding data for purchase.

3. Hole spacing and hole position of the wheel.

The wheel's hole pitch is the PCD, i.e. the pitch circle diameter of the wheel, which refers to the diameter between the fixing bolts in the centre of the wheel, while the hole position refers to the number of bolts on the wheel; they are usually expressed as 4x114.3, 5x114.3, etc.


In the case of 5x114.3, for example, the 5 represents the number of bolts in the hole position, while 114.3 represents the PCD of the wheel. This figure directly determines whether the wheel can be mounted on the car, so the choice is very important.

For safety and stability reasons, it is best to choose a wheel with the same PCD as the original when selecting the wheel's hole spacing.


4. Wheel offset.

The offset of the wheel, also known as the ET value, is the difference between the middle screw mount of the wheel and the centre point of the entire wheel rim.

The ET value not only affects the visual effect of the wheel, but also the steering characteristics of the car, the wheel alignment angle, etc. For example, an excessive ET value may lead to tyre bearings that are prone to wear, or even not fit properly at all.

Most of the time, the same brand of wheel will offer different ET values. The safest scenario is to keep the ET value of the modified wheel the same as the original ET value without modifying the brake system.


  Well, the above is the data that you need to pay attention to when buying a wheel to modify your car, do you understand it all?

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