Performance knowledge of aluminum alloy wheels


Aluminum alloyhubAlso called rim, English name WHEEL,Aluminum alloy wheelsIt is a wheel hub made of aluminum alloy, which dissipates heat quickly. It is light in weight and safe. It has the advantages of energy saving, comfort and beauty. Wheels consist of hubs and tires, which support the weight of the vehicle and are easily damaged. It requires wheel forming so the car can be driven on the road, which has a big impact on the car's performance.

A wheel hub, also known as a roulette, is a component mounted on a wheel. It is divided into steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels. The former is used in heavy-duty vehicles and ordinary cars, and the latter is usually used in high-end vehicles. Aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy wheels are new varieties developed in the mid-1980s.

They are made with a special low temperature casting process that allows the spokes to be joined in various shapes.

1. Fast heat dissipation

When the car is driving at high speed, the friction temperature between the tire and the ground is relatively high, and the friction temperature between the brake disc and the brake pad is also high. At high temperatures, tires and brake pads will age and wear faster, reducing braking efficiency, increasing tire pressure, tire blowouts and brake failures that can lead to accidents.

The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel, which can quickly transfer heat from tires and brake discs to the air, avoiding various disadvantages of wheels running at high speed.

2. Light weight

The aluminum weight of aluminum alloy wheels is less than that of steel. On average, every 2 kilograms can reduce the car by 10 kilograms. The weight reduction can also save fuel. To pursue light-weight automobile designers as much as possible, aluminum alloy automobile rings are the means to achieve the goal.

3. Good comfort

This refers to the precision casting of the aluminum alloy rim, and the finishing surface reaches 80%-90%.

The out-of-roundness and unbalanced weight of the wheel hub are very small, especially the aluminum alloy has the characteristics of small elastic modulus and good vibration resistance, which can reduce the vibration of the body during driving and improve the comfort of the whole vehicle.

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