Durability Test of Wheel Rims Standards in Various Countries | JWHEEL (Part 2)

Aluminum alloy wheel rim bending moment load endurance test

Test purpose: mainly to confirm the durability test of wheel rims



Durability Test of Wheel Rims Standards in Various Countries | JWHEEL (Part 2)


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Aluminum alloy wheel rim bending moment load endurance test


Test purpose: mainly to confirm the durability test of wheel rims

Standard distinction:VIA (Japan)

According to:Japanese light alloy wheel rim test protocol set


Calculation formula: M=Sm*W(ur+E) where: M=bending load, Sm=1.5(JWL), Sm=1.35(JWL-T), W=maximum load (limited use, general use) check table U=0.7 friction coefficient, r=maximum radius of tire static load, E=deflection

Test rotation number: 100,000 (JWL) 250,000 (JWL-T)

Test speed: minimum 100RPM

Rim standard: JWL: JWX-T and VIA adopts casting and engraving method

Validity period: 3 years, 10 years for equipment license, random wheel testing


Standard distinction: TUV (Germany)

Basis: STVZ20 

Nature: Mandatory 

Calculation formula: Mbmax = 2FR (urdyn + e) where: Mbmax = maximum bending load, FR = maximum bending load, FR = maximum load limited use, U = 0.9 friction coefficient, rdyn = tire dynamic load radius (check the maximum value of JATMA and ETRTO), e = offset, bending test can be divided into: A: short time test Mb = 0.75 Mbax, B: long time test Mb = 0.5Mbax 

Test rotation number: SHORT 200,000; LONG 1.8 million

Test speed: up to 2400RPM

The standard of the rim: instructions for use is attached to the box ABE engraved KBA number, TGA without any logo on the wheel (easy to read durable)

Expiration date: unlimited Factory inspection and random wheel testing from time to time


Standard distinction: SAE (USA)

Basis: SAEJ2530

Nature: Mandatory

Calculation formula: M=W*(RU+D)*S where: M=maximum bending load, W=maximum bending load, U=0.7 friction coefficient, R=maximum static load radius of the tire, D=deflection distance (take absolute value), S=strengthening factor, the number of experiments 2

Number of test revolutions: 95,000 (S=2); 150,000 (S=1.6); 475,000 (S=1.35)

Test speed: None

Standard of wheel rims: permanent marking method (SAE labeling)

Period of validity: unlimited Annual follow-up evaluation, inspection and random wheel testing


Standard distinction: SFI (USA)

Basis: SFI

Nature: Autogenous

Calculation formula: Bm=L*[(u+RR)+dj*S where: Bm=bending load, L=maximum load, U=0.7 friction coefficient, RR=rolling radius=0.5*(DS+DF), DS=tire maximum diameter, DF=design coefficient=0, d=offset (take absolute value), s=acceleration factor=1.6 wheel rim size is 13-17″=1.5(16 ″, 16.5*17″)

Test rotation number: 1.1 million (S=1.6) 250,000

Test speed: None

   Jwheel, as an professional wheel manufacturer, concentrates in R&D and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels, including casting wheels, forging wheels and flow-form wheels. The products of it have passed the certifications of SEI、SEMA,VIA, JWL, JWL-T, TUV and so on. Since establishment, Jwheel has been developing steadily, with rich experience of designing and producing aluminum alloy wheels. It has earned the appreciation of both domestic market and foreign market with its high technology, good quality and customer service. It provided OEM service to many international brands like Vossen, OE Wheel, TSW, Rays, ProLine, Oxygen, AUTEC, etc., and it also provide ODM service, that is, for producing a new wheel, you can just provide a sketch, drawing or picture, and then Jwheel will finish the rest parts. By the way, the MOQ of forging wheels is four. (For more information, just go to the website: https://www.jjjwheel.com)


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