Which modern original wheel manufacturer is good


modern originalhubWhich manufacturer is better

Car owners should pay attention to low obstacles on the road during daily driving, and avoid getting too close to the roadbed when parking. It's easy to cutCar wheels, affecting the appearance, and the anti-rust coating will also be scraped off, affecting the waterproof and corrosion resistance, deforming the wheel hub and affecting the driving. Check for scars.

If there is no damage to the inside of the hub, wipe around the scar with paint thinner to remove any dirt. When cleaning, tape around the scar to prevent paint from getting on irrelevant areas. Use the brush head to apply topcoat to the damaged parts of the car wheel.

After drying, it shrinks slightly.

JWHEEL has been adhering to the principle of "technological innovation, quality first, customer first", and actively explores new markets. The company is now integrating production, scientific research and sales. With the continuous expansion of domestic and foreign markets, the company will expand production capacity in a timely manner to meet the diverse needs of customers. We can provide services according to customers' requirements for product style, structure and function.

Adhere to the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, hard-working and enterprising, introduce high-tech talents at home and abroad, accumulate years of industry experience, have fully automated, high-tech, high-energy-saving technologies, and introduce international management mechanisms, management teams composed of experts, and research and development, production, management team.

Under the premise of the same weight,Aluminum alloy wheelsare more impact resistant, while the steel wheels are more flexible. An impact that can deform a steel wheel may not deform an alloy wheel, which is thicker.

However, when the impact force is large to a certain extent, the aluminum alloy wheel may break directly, while the steel wheel will only deform more seriously. On the premise of ensuring strength, the lighter the wheel, the better, the more sensitive the suspension response, the less effort to rotate the wheel, the better the acceleration, and the better theoretical fuel consumption. Aluminum alloy wheels are generally considered to be lighter.

Which modern original wheel manufacturer is good

Typically, the wheel sizes calibrated by car wheel manufacturers are: 15 inches, 16 inches, 17 inches, 18 inches and 19 inches.

Smaller ones usually come with family cars, while larger ones come with more advanced ones. For example, for a family car typically below 150,000 yuan, the official choices are 15, 16, and 17; for more than 250,000 cars, the official choices are 17, 18, and 19 configurations. Although the high-profile big wheels look very sporty and enhance the appearance of the whole car, they are not perfect.

It has both advantages and disadvantages.

The company takes "innovation, energy saving, sturdiness and safety" as the quality premise.

Adhere to the development concept of "beyond lightweight, serve the world".

To make the impossible possible, to create extraordinary quality.

Get higher returns with less investment.

Which modern original wheel manufacturer is good

If the aluminum alloy wheel is broken, in order to save costs, you still go to some unprofessional places to repair it, then you are making a big mistake, so the repaired wheel is not guaranteed.

In fact, many places are repaired by the original factory process, and the air tightness test, grinding, painting and other processes can be repaired. If you're concerned about safety, the hubs are also cast from an aluminum alloy solution during the casting process. Similarly, the welding is carried out by internal and external welding, using the same aluminum alloy material, so there is no need to worry about quality problems.

The company always adheres to independent research and development, technological innovation, adheres to the business philosophy of product quality and high quality, and has perfect quality conditions and testing capabilities. Strict control and continuous improvement of product processing process provide customers with a good guarantee of high-quality and reliable products. In line with the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and win-win", the company is willing to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

The company has a high-quality workforce and a strong management team, capable of building an advanced enterprise with R&D strength.

Prepare the color according to the primary color of the wheel rim, choose different types of sandpaper for grinding according to the degree of damage, and we need to repaint the car wheel. But before painting, we try to use waste newspaper to isolate the edge of the wheel hub to prevent the spray paint from splashing on the tire.

Put it in the equipment of 100-120℃ to dry for 60 minutes, then grind it again to a matte finish. If it still feels a little fluffy, you can continue to smooth it with sandpaper. Cover the rim with a general-purpose shielding film, wipe the rim surface with a degreaser, dry with the equipment, and wipe the surface dust with a dust cloth.

Which modern original wheel manufacturer is good

Car wheels play an important role in improving the appearance, but when choosing a wheel, every detail must be meticulous. The parameters of the hub affect the use of the hub and the vehicle. If the PCD value is incorrect, it may not install properly.

The ET value affects not only installation and use, but also future upgrades and modifications. When reinstalling a car wheel, you should pay attention to the size of the hole. If this size is smaller than the original size, it cannot be installed naturally.

However, if it is larger than the original size and no comparison measures are taken, the concentricity of the vehicle will be different when driving, resulting in abnormal noise and vibration of the vehicle, which will directly affect the vehicle in severe cases.

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