What are the maintenance and cleaning methods of car wheels


everybody knows,hubIt's actually a wheel. Generally, it is part of the wheel, i.e. mounted on the axle in the center of the wheel, to which the brake drum is attached. After long-term use, the important parts of the hub and half shaft can also have problems.

so,Car wheelsThe maintenance dealer reminds the maintenance methods and precautions of automobile wheels.

Wheel hub products are mainly divided into casting and forging from the production process, but generally speaking, the strength of the forging ring is very high, so the casting ring is used for racing, light weight, less power loss, and faster running.

Another different indicator of the hub is the different hole spacing and eccentricity of the hub.

The number of hubs requires a timely, uniform density. The shape is round. Thermal deformation is large.

Wheel hub products can be updated. Some people will upgrade their car. The wheel hub is larger, the outer diameter of the tire remains unchanged, the flatness of the tire becomes larger, the lateral swing of the car becomes smaller, and the stability is improved, but the car loses its original comfort.

From the market point of view, most of the current wheels are made of aluminum alloy, and the appearance of the wheel is very beautiful and delicate, but in order to maintain the beauty of the wheel, pay attention to the accidental wear of the wheel during driving, and regularly maintain and maintain the wheel. How about the maintenance and cleaning of the wheel hub

1. Clean the sand and dust on the wheels, and the dirt that is very easy to damage the hub, otherwiseAluminum alloy wheelsThe surface layer will be eroded and destroyed.

2. Use an acid-proof cleaning agent to treat the inner and outer surfaces of the car hub, and wax the hub every 2 months, which can prolong the service life of the hub.

Note: To prevent damage to the protective layer on the surface of the hub, paint brighteners or other abrasives cannot be used. When the aluminum alloy protective paint is damaged and hard objects are scratched during driving, the aluminum alloy wheels should be repaired and repainted at a professional repair station.

The maintenance of car wheels is not only these methods, there are many more, these are basic, so be sure to pay attention to these in daily driving, and use them, so that your car wheels can be used for a long time and reduce wear and tear.

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