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JWHEEL contains optical diffusing materials that have an ideal refractive index. These optical materials are carefully selected from reliable materials suppliers. .
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  • Wheel Aluminum Mix Supplier & Manufacturers | JWHEEL
    Wheel Aluminum Mix Supplier & Manufacturers | JWHEEL
    The wheels produced by JWHEEL pay great attention to the mixing ratio of aluminum alloy, which needs to be purified before and after mixing to ensure the temperature of aluminum alloy and the mixing ratio.A356.2 is used for the production of cast wheels. A356.2 alloy is a typical ternary alloy of Al-Si-Mg system, which is a casting aluminum alloy with excellent overall performance. It not only has good casting properties (good fluidity, small linear shrinkage, no thermal cracking tendency) and can cast thin-walled and complex-shaped castings, but also can achieve the ideal combination of high strength, good plasticity and high impact toughness through heat treatment, so it has become the material of choice for automotive cast aluminum wheels.
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