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  • What are the Precautions for Upgrading Audi Original SUV 17-inch Wheels to 19-inch?  | JWHEEL
    What are the Precautions for Upgrading Audi Original SUV 17-inch Wheels to 19-inch? | JWHEEL
    Audi's original SUV comes standard with 17-inch wheels. What are the precautions for upgrading to 19-inch? First of all, we must be clear that wheel modification cannot be discussed without tires. If you want to upgrade from a 17-inch wheel to a 19-inch wheel, the tires you need to adapt to increase the diameter and width of the wheel must be different. If you are not sure about tires, you can search for several brands of tires indicated for comparison. What you should be concerned about is the difference of wheels in quality. Therefore, compared to the various brands on the Internet, you can get very little information about the level of the foundry factory, management level and other related information. Then please try to find a brand or factory with sufficient strength. For example, our JWHEEL is a wheel hub production factory with more than 30 years of experience. After 30 years of continuous development, JWHEEL’s wheels combine traditional casting with modern flow form and forging, and have various types of trendy designs. The wheels designed and manufactured by JWHEEL are installed on AUDI SUVs,which are more complementary, and further enhancing their sense of luxury, dynamism and maturity.
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rims | JWHEEL
    Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rims | JWHEEL
    JWHEEL suggests wheel customers to choose aluminum alloy wheels. Compared with the iron cast wheels in the past, the anti-deformation ability of aluminum alloy wheels has been greatly improved, the weight is greatly reduced, the power loss of the car is small, the running is fast, the fuel saving and the heat dissipation are good. JWHEEL has various aluminium alloy wheels to the taste of the market. 
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