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  • How to Clean the Car Wheels User Manual | JWHEEL
    How to Clean the Car Wheels User Manual | JWHEEL
    1、Improve the safety performance of the car in drivingAs the old saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". For the car, the safe journey, but also begins with the "foot", where the "foot", including wheel hubs. The wheels are in long-term contact with the ground, in addition to dust, mud and other dirt attached to the ground, while in the car driving process, often need to do the "brake" action, will also make the brake disc friction dust, sprinkled on the wheel hub, long-term accumulation is easy to form difficult to remove the rust spots, the accumulation of more will cause brake failure and thus lay a The accumulation of more rust spots will cause brake failure and thus lay a safety hazard. Therefore, timely cleaning of wheel stains will improve the safety performance of the car in driving.2、Improve the overall beauty of the carAs we know, people wearing clean and tidy clothes and pants, if the shoes are dirty, the overall impression of people will be greatly reduced. The wheels as an important part of the car, indispensable "foot", even if the body, car glass, car interior and other parts of the bright luster, wheel stains will affect the overall beauty of the car, which indirectly affects the taste of the car owner. It can be said that when washing the car, cleaning the wheels and cleaning the other parts of the car is equally important to the improvement of the car's beauty.3、It can slow down the aging of the car wheelsThe cleanliness of the wheels not only affects the beauty, but also has a great impact on the life of the wheels. Dirty wheels, whether they are made of iron or aluminum, will accelerate the aging of metal parts and affect the safety of car owners, while keeping the wheels clean and shiny from time to time can slow down the aging of the car, reduce the cracking of the wheels and improve the anti-skid ability of the tires.
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