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Mustang is not only a car, but also the symbol of American spirit, it represents American’s desire for liberty and courage to face challenge, and that’s what have created Mustang. Jwheel supplies aftermarket wheels for Mustang, just contact us for more information.

October 31, 2022

Mustang is not only a car, but also the symbol of American spirit, it represents American’s desire for liberty and courage to face challenge, and that’s what have created Mustang.


The Sixth Generation ( 2013-now)

The Mustang of the sixth generation (Mustang VI) is different from the previous American cars, which are rough. Under the international strategy of Ford, the new Mustang upgrade and evolve in all aspects, keeping pace with the times while insisting the inheritance of the classics, and redefine ” American Muscle Car ” .

Actually the research and design of Mustang VI was started early in 2009.  Several key elements have created Mustang. As the designer, we need to revise these elements, and decide what to remove and what to leave, and think about how to explain these elements in modern ways. Finally we built a distinctive Mustang. “ Moray Callum, the Executive Director of Design in Ford America, said, " Among the Mustang of different generations born in the last 50 years, these design elements accumulated, evolved and finally became the classic DNA acknowledged by the public. "  

In order to cater for the consumers from all over the world, Ford had to reconsider the design of this new Mustang in all aspects. We can see a lot of main design DNA in the drafts submitted at the beginning of 2010. The designers reinterpreted the classic Mustang elements in dozens of ways, like long engine cover, short stern room, conspicuous front grille, shark-mouth-shape front nose, fastback shape, hockey stick shape at two sides and three-pole taillights. However, not all of these elements are applied.

The appearance of the Mustang VI was significantly different from the last generation, though it still has the “ Martin face “ of Ford family and powerful appearance. The designers have adapted modern lighting technology to the front and back of the new Mustang. Mustang's symbolic three columnar taillights with LED created a more stereoscopic effect. The three gill air inlets on the inside of the HID headlights are reminiscent of the gill air intakes in the original 1965 Mustang headlights. 


Mustang IV has two engines for option, 2.3T EcoBoost and 5.0L V8, and some lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy. The rear integral axle is changed to the popular multi-link independent suspension, which greatly reduces the body weight. The 2.3T turbocharged engine has a maximum power output of 231kW(314Ps) and a peak torque of 434Nm, making it the most powerful engine in the history of Ford cars. The 5.0L V8 has a maximum power of 324kW(440Ps) and peak torque of 542Nm, while both engines are matched by a six-speed automatic transmission.

Throughout the development of the sixth-generation Mustang, the design team conducted multiple aerodynamic tests, twice as many as previous models. In terms of configuration, the sixth-generation Mustang comes standard with keyless entry, MyKey security system, SYNC in-car multimedia entertainment system, etc., and provides a rich selection of configuration.


The Future (2023-tbc.)

Recently, the latest Ford Mustang S650 was leased. There are three types with different configurations for choice: 2.3T double-door car, 5.0L V8 double-door car, 5.0L V8 double-door convertible. It’s reported that S650 will be put on sale in the second season of 2023.

This new generation of Mustang looks really cool. At the front there’s a set of new-styled Tri-Bar LEDs and a black polygon air-inlet grille. The car body is similar the previous generation, with fluent line, dynamic aluminum alloy wheels and super-large tail wings. Inside the car, there’s a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, as well as a 12.4 inch digital LCD dashboard and a 13.2 inch SYNC 4 touching central control LCD screen. Besides, the safety system includes ACC, TSR and BA, etc.. As for the power, this new car will still be powered by a 2.3T turbocharged and 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated engine, matched by a 6-speed manual and 10-speed manual self-contained transmission, with the V8 offering "innovative dual intake and dual throttle bodies" for greater performance. 


 Mustang and American Auto Culture

In the American auto culture, car racing like Drag Race, SCCA solo, NASCA and Monster Truck Rally, have occupied a very important position, which speaks volume for how much Americans love high-horsepower cars. Most of these races do not have difficult curves, so except for driving skills, they are more about horsepower competing.

Americans usually like simple, high-horsepower and durable chassis, which facilitate those US-style “ Muscle Car ”.

Mustang in Movies

Since 1964, Mustang cars have appeared in over 3,000 films and TV series.

In Bullitt in 1968, the tough guy detective played by Steve McQueen drove a Mustang GT390 and battled the killer on the streets of San Francisco. In Gone in 60 Seconds in 2000, the thief played by Nicolas Cage had to steal 50 cars within 24 hours, and his final target was “ Eleanor”, which was the silver and black Mustang Shelby GT500 1967.

“ The Mustang has appeared more in TV series and films than any other Ford cars, and no other car comes close. ” said Bob Witter, the manager of the global brand and entertainment department. Filmmakers like to use Mustang to enrich the personalities of the characters, because it represents a special American Characteristic. 


Now Mustang has become one of the representatives of Classic American muscle cars with its powerful shape and power system. Though it doesn’t have the largest horsepower, and also is not the best-sold car, but Mustang is the reflection of American automobile culture and humanistic culture, not only because it’s made by America, but also that it’s American’s eager for freedom and courage for challenges that created Mustang. 

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TYPE : FORD MUSTANG,2006-2009 , J172, SIZE: 18X8.5 , PCD: 114.3*5, C.B : 70.5, ET : 50, Wheel load: 690KG


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