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Want to buy your first car and have no idea ? This passage can help you. After reading this passage, you will have a macro understanding of the cars in the market. In this passage all the analyses are based on survey and investigation, and not all the car models will be listed because some cars are totally not recommended. 

August 30, 2022

This passage is a brief introduction of sedans in the current market as well as their ranking.

A0-class sedans

1st level ( highly recommended) : 1. Toyota Vios FS 2. Toyota Yaris 3. Toyota Yaris L 4. Honda Fit 5. Toyota Vios

2nd level ( recommended): 1.Kia Pegas 2.Hyundai Verna 3.Volkswagen Polo

Cars of this class is produced by only several Japanese, Korean and German brands, and the top five are beyond doubt from Toyota company and Honda company, which are hard to be surpassed. But what I recommend most is Toyota Yaris, because it has better appearance than Vios, and its price is moderate. However, it has a disadvantage that the smell is strong when it’s new.


A-class sedans

1st level : 1.Lexus CT 2.BMW 1-series 3.Toyota Levin 4. Toyota Corolla

Two of these cars are Toyota. The the most special feature of the brothers Corolla and Levin is that there is nothing special. They have no obvious advantage but are in balance and moderate, which is very suitable for those who are not clear about their own requirement for car. If you feel difficult to answer questions like: Do you buy a car for the pursuit of power, or the appearance, or what? Or if you just want to buy a worry-saving car and do not care about the space or energy, etc., and your budget is around $2,000, just pick one of these two cars, which is a pretty good choice.

2nd level: 1. Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan 2. Honda Civic 3. Audi A3 4. Chevrolet Volando 5. Mazda3 Axela 6. Honda Crider 7. Skoda Rapid Spaceback 8. Volkswagen Golf 9. Skoda Rapid 10. Volkswagen C-Trek 11. Chevrolet Cruse 12. Volkswagen Santana 13. Volkswagen Sagitar 14. Volkswagen Lavida 15. Skoda Octavia 16. Volkswagen blackview

On this level there are 16 cars, of which eleven are Volkswagen. And both the two American cars under Chevrolet are of high cost performance. As for the Skoda, you can consider it when its price is low enough.

What worth specially mentioned is Sportsvan, which I think is the most suitable car for family use. Despite its unattractive appearance, it has many advantages. It has a rear space comparable to that of a B-class sedan and a trunk as large as that of a SUV. You can perfectly put all your stuff in its trunk, let your families sit on the back seats, and go on a trip. What’s more, the car size is small so it’s easy for parking.

3rd level: 1. Volkswagen Bora 2, Nissan TIIDA 3.Chevrolet Cavalier 4. Peugeot 408 5. Buick Verano 6. .Hyundai Elantra 7. Nissan Bluebird 8. Nissan Sylphy 9. Hyundai Lafesta  10. Ford Escort 11. Buick Excelle GT 12. Ford Focus

The cars on this level is mostly American and Japanese. Their performance are sub-par. If anyone of them attracts you with one special point like low price, good appearance or good looking inside, you can also buy it. Bora is actually almost the same as Lavida. Peugeot 408 is excellent and balanced, and if you want to buy a car and will replace it after several years, 408 is highly recommended. Hyundai Elantra is also a good choice if you care about the durability and reliability of the car, and have a tight budget.

What should be noted is that at the same price the configuration of Buick Excelle GT is lower than Chevrolet Kruse, so it’s better to buy Cruze.

As for Escort and Focus, they both have the disadvantages of high price and moderate quality, so they are unworthy of buying. So is Nissan cars, the quality of which are not good enough, but if you are used to drive slowing and smoothly, you can consider Nissan cars.

B-class Sedans

1st level: BWM 3 Series 2. Toyota Avalon 3.Toyota Camry

These four cars all have high performance and worth buying. If you have enough budget, no need for thinking, just pick one from them.

2nd level: 1. Volvo S60 2. Honda Inspire 3. Honda Accord 4. Audi A4L 5. Ford Taurus 6. Mazda Atenza 7. Skoda Superb 8. Mercedes-benz C-Class. 9. Chevrolet Malibu XL 10. Peugeot 508

The top one of this level is Volve S6, which offers incomparable safety, with good feedback from the owners. So if you care much about safety, this car is the best choice.

Honda Inspire and Accord almost have no difference. But if you choose Accord, please don’t pick 1.5t & CVT, as the Stalling issue is not totally solved yet.

As for the popular Benz C-class, if you really like its brand and inner decoration, you can buy it, if no, I do not recommend it, because it is even weaker than BWM 3 series and Audi A4L.

The product strength of new Taurus, Malibu XL and Atenza also worth buying for their good product strength.

3rd level: 1. Volkswagen Passat 2. Volkswagen Magotan 3. Nissan Teana 4. Buick Lacrosse 5. Infiniti Q50L 6. Buick Regal

Passat is basically as good as the Accord and the Inspire at the 2nd level, so it’s to some extent better than Magotan. If Passat is at a higher discount than Magotan, just pick Passat without hesitation.

The greatest advantage of Teana is comfort. If you don’t care much about this, you are not suggested to buy Teana.

The appearance of Buick Regal is attractive, which is its largest advantage. However, the cost performance of Buick Regal still can not be comparable to Chevrolet Malibu XL so far. So if you do not like the appearance of Ragal that much, you are not suggested to buy it.


C-class Sedans

1st level: Lexus ES 2. Volve S90 3. BWM 5 series

Lexus ES is a highly controversial car because of its power and price increasing, which is commonplace. The feedback from the owners of this car are all praises. This car satisfactory at any aspect, and it is representative in balancing and mediocrity, which is the typical Toyota style——has stable and good quality, and is able to held its value well, with nothing outstanding, but Lexus ES is an exception, its appearance is attractive.

Volve S90 is cheaper than Lexus ES, but is not mediocre, but competitive. Especially the new car of Volve S90 is much better than Lexus ES, though it is not able to keep its value and its quality stability is not comparable to Lexus ES.

As for BWM 5 series, there’s no need to introduce it. As you know, it is good enough at any aspects.

2nd Level: 1. Cadillac CT6 2. Audi A6L 3. Mercedes Benz E-class

Cadillac CT6 is the most competitive product at this level, even better than the Volve S90 at the above 1st level. Except that it has weaker brand influence than BBA( Benz, BWM, Audi ), low hedge ratio, and difficult after-sales maintenance, it is powerful and balanced in other aspects.

Audi A6L and Benz E-class are also okay, will not surprise you but will give you good driving experience.




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